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split bin in a wheelchair! W4 (again)

right, well, tonight was the night for another run. i intended to do another run of week 4, where I left off. at least it wasnt raining as much as Monday, so I hoped my pants would stay up this time - so that was a start!

on the way out of the house I decided to take the bin bag out from the kitchen in to the main bin outside. hmmmmmmm..... what could possibly go wrong? well, the bloody kitten, that's what!! oh yes! instead of being a lucky charm on my trainers, he decided tonight to attack the shiny black crinkly bin bag and ended up ripping it and a load of rubbish went spilling out in to the hallway!! the little bleeper. So, spent 10 minutes cleaning that up and swearing, before I plugged Laura in and headed out.

the first run went ok. the next was a struggle - the 5 minute run! bloody hell fire! id forgotten how painful it was that last minute. I was ready to persuade myself that as this was only my second run back after 3 weeks of illnesses, i would be ok giving up and just walking back home.

but I didnt! yippee!! i swore at laura and myself and kept going all the way to the end of the podcast.

On the way home, I met this old man in a wheelchair who needed some help getting to the bus station. so I escorted him there as it was on my way home. however, part way through walking him there, he said "im going to have to take my trousers off". Pardon!!!! he said it again "Im going to have to take my trousers off". Riiiiiiiiiigggghhhhhttt. I seriously began to get a little freaked, but i persevered as we were on the main road. I asked him "why?". and he said "because Ive got them wet with being out in all this rain today". PHEW!!!!

made it home, chewing on my sweetie and I am now sitting on the couch with a cup of tea


hope to get back out on Friday, so will keep you posted

hope youre all doing well on your runs. look foward to reading all about them.

keeeeeeep running!

:-) ali

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That was the funniest post I've read on here so far! It made me snort out loud! I'm still giggling.

Keep running and keep blogging!


There is nothing like a kitten to help with the household chores, though watching my mum chase my puppy round the garden to get the dustpan and brush back is a memory that will never leave me! You were good to go out after the rubbish incident and you did it so well done, and then to escort a man to the bus stop you certainly had an eventful run. Well done and good luck with the next one, hope it is less eventful for you :-)


Random acts of kindness are one of the great joys of life. This did make me laugh. Hope you and the kitten have a fab Xmas. He will love all the wrapping paper and ribbon.


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