I had to laugh

Went out for my run tonight after work , set off at about 20.30 , I didn't feel up to it after a ten hr shift but I thought get it done . Anyway I'd got to about the last k in my 5k run , & was running up this incline & this young lad was coming in opposite direction past me on a bike , he saw me running , towards him , I must a looked cream crackered because as he approached he looked at me and smiled & said go on lass you can do it ! He made me laugh and I shouted & punched the air oh yes I can bloody do it .

Just goes to show there's a lot of nice young people out there

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  • Lol, makes you laugh doesn't it! I had a similar thing when I was cycling to work up this massive hill-guy was running down the hill and said the same thing to me. I thought I must have looked worse than I felt as I do that hill every day and don't find it that bad!

  • That would make my day too!

  • I would have laughed too! I love the one-liners you get when out running. I passed a breakdown van and man attending a car the other day and the guy said 'the bus is that way'. I replied 'looks like they need it more than me!' and carried on running. On my way back home they were still there. Hahaha its good this running x :-)

  • It sure does make you feel so good about yourself and have far you have come.

    I was in the park a few weeks ago I was running much later than usual and it was hot & very busy, I 'ran' past a little boy who shouted 'run lady run' :)

  • Go Rockette go!!!!

  • Lol. Great. Nothing like a bit of encouragement ;)

  • Love it and makes a change to get a nice comment from a youngster

  • LOL!! That really made me smile, and well done getting out after a 10 hour shift! That's real dedication, maybe almost addiction :)

    Keep going Rockette - Happy Running

  • Thanks for sharing.Great story and well done you!!! I don't think I could go out after a day at work never mind a 10hr shift. Now everytime you're struggling you'll hear in your head, "Go on lass you can do it!!!!"

  • Hey Rockette!

    I did a reply to your post but it vanished! Puff, it was gone. Where'd it go? Doh!

    Anway chuck. Well done! Great to get a bit of support int it. Every little helps

  • I recall a little boy in a park asking me why I had gone so red - I do a great impression of a sweaty raspberry. I think I must look just as bad as I feel!

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