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Week 7 Run 1

This morning started off well; I fell into my groove pretty easily. I'm not sure what happened, but 20 minutes in my stomach started to cramp horribly. I paused my ipod and stopped for a moment; I walked for about a minute to keep my legs from seizing up. I knew I only had five minutes left, and I really wanted to get it done. (Thankfully) I was able to finish my last five minutes and my cooldown.

This is not a failure. I refuse to see it as one. I listened to my body. That's what we are supposed to do, right? I have one more run before I head out for vacation! I'm looking forward to it. (The run and vacation :) ) I just found out that my MIL has a membership to a gym with an indoor running track! She can get me several free passes, and I won't have to run in the snow! Yay for Kimber! I also have a skiing lesson planned for Christmas morning. I'm very glad that I've been exercising so much lately. I feel like I'm in great shape to have some fun. I've never really spent much time in a true wintery climate, and I can't wait to build a snowman. I might even lob a snowball at someone's head.

Happy Running



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You're absolutely right Kimber - listen to your body! And it most certainly NOT a failure. You took a moment to get yourself back on track. You didn't give up. Been there, done it myself.

Have a great vacation, we need snowman pictures! (Don't think we'll be building any here this year!) :-)


Not sure why you could consider it a failure at all! Could you have done that a few weeks ago?


Hey kimber you are right, no failure at all. You did the right thing and were able to finish and that's an achievement! The vacation sounds brilliant and an indoor track - you will be feeling like an elite runner on that!! Isn't it great to have the energy to try out new things? You have had a great journey to get you to this point so enjoy girl!! Sue x


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