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Here we go

Day 1 week 1. Feet hurt a bit, and half an hour seemed a long time (I've done a fair bit of walking before, but not running) - but very satisfying to manage it all.

I really need to be more active, as I've put on a bit of weight since being diagnosed coeliac, and discovering lots of tasty sweet things I can eat. I hardly used to eat sweet things at all, and now I'm having a couple most days... I probably need to limit them, for dental health too, but at the moment they are compensation for not being able to eat bread. I love bread and do rather miss it. Gluten-free bread is just not quite the same!

On the other hand, I am so much healthier since I cut out gluten, so it is worth it.

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Hi green welcome to C25K. A little advice for you. Take your

time as the body takes months to adapt. I hope you enjoy it

and get fit, it is oddly addictive. I am just about to start W4

myself so good luck to both of us, Ed x


Thanks - good advice, I think. I'm not particularly heavy, just a bit more than I used to be, as I was underweight before, but I did tap dancing for a while a few years ago, and gave that up because of knee trouble, so I will be watching out and going at a slower pace if I need to, especially after reading various threads from people with joint issues. Though even if I don't get to 5k running, it has got me outside and exercising again, so that's good - and this seems a very friendly and supportive community too.

Thanks for the welcome!


Hi yes we are all friendly and supportive. It depends what you want to achieve.

For me its to run a marathon so i am running. If you want to get fitter and or

lose some weight there are plenty of exercise regimes that arent so hard on

the body, which running is. It really makes my feet ache which is not good

as my job means i am on my feet all day. Good luck Ed x


Welcome greenlegs! You are brave to start at this time of year but keep it up and you will be fine. Visit here as often as you can to get the motivation and encouragement from this great community - it really helps to keep you going! Best of luck for your next run. Sue


Not brave at all - I did some of it jogging round the house! (blush!) Though outside was much nicer, and more interesting, even if it is cold. Not so sure about ice, but I'll figure a way round that - probably doing walks and a bit of dancing round the house instead. I don't have any target other than being more active than sitting down all day (my job is desk-bound, and at home I tend to sit in front of my laptop), so anything is a bonus!


Welcome greenlegs!

Don't worry, I did the whole of W1 in the house! We have a long passageway between kitchen and living room and round and round I went. The dog thought I was completely bananas... :-D

Outside is much nicer and so is the treadmill at the gym in this weather though that's a matter of opinion I know...

Happy running! :-)


Thank you - much appreciated! I have resisted the temptation to damage my knees today, so far. But I can feel a shopping spree coming on. Usually shopping is the very last thing I want to do, but I realise now that I really do need some decent footwear. The shoes I ran in yesterday are just too thin-soled.


Welcome, greenlegs!! You have picked a marvelous program and a wonderful forum on which to blog about it!! Ed's advice is excellent! Take it slow, there is no hurry!! I am sure that you will do wonderfully!!

The decent footwear is a superb idea. It is quite amazing just how much difference the proper running shoes makes to keep your body moving properly!!

Keep Running!! :-)



thanks for the welcome!


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