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third time lucky!!!!!

well this will be my third attempt at the c25k , got everything ready to go first thing tomorrow,feeling really positive this time .I know how good running can make you feel but after putting on more than 3 stone i have lost all confidence , but now realize nobody out their is going to make me feel better i have to do it for myself.Love reading the blogs just hope i can keep as motivated. as you guys out their.

watch this space.

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Hi missy this is my second time around, i started it in feb 2011.

I didnt do too bad, 2 half marathons which i walked most of

however! I started it again in nov this year and have just

finished W3. My weight is a little high but only about a stone

or so. You just have to stick with it as you know but if you do

you should see results. Good luck and keep us posted.

Ed x


Good for you missyj! You are obviously very determined and that will stand you in good stead! Just take it easy through the programme, don't look too far ahead and keeping coming on here for inspiration and encouragement! :) Good luck!


Welcome back, missy!! What is the saying? Oh yes, "Third times a charm!"

Keep us posted on your progress and let us help you with a bit of the motivation!! I have typed this so many times that I think my keyboard could do it on its own, but it is very true...have faith in the program, but most of all...HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Keep us updated and Keep Running!! :-)



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