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Third time lucky...


On these cold, dark and dreary days I finally decided to give the C25K another go, I am yet to complete the program, the furthest I got was completing the 20 minute run, which I remember with a great sense of achievement but then had to pause due to injury, as ever I did not continue after recovery and was very disappointed with myself. Anyhow I think with my previous experience of the program the first 2 runs this week have gone ok, looking forward to run 3 it really is quite amazing how quickly you do progress with C25K, but I must admit I am not looking forward to the 20 minute run again as although I achieved it I remember how painful and hard it was.

I am 36 now and always looking for the magic pill when losing weight I always ask myself is this c25k with a reduction in calories enough, I feel like I should be doing more. In the past I have tried all sorts of exercise programs. HIIT, weight training, P90X, etc... but I have to be honest with myself I hate gyms, long exercise routines and really struggle with diets.

I am now the heaviest I have ever been at 15 stone, I averaged around 12.5 to 13 during my twenties before I married and we had a young daughter together who is also my motivation for doing this.

I seriously hope this time I can sustain the motivation to see this through, I wouldn't say I have ever reached the point where I can say I love running, but mentally I can feel the benefits and this is reason enough for me to continue, just need to continue dragging myself out of bed in the morning...

I used this blog / forum previously and every comment was very supportive, I wake up every morning and look forward to reading the posts most of which are very inspirational. This time I look forward to sharing my graduation post with you...

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Well done for starting again. I think if your daughter is your motivation you have something to help you. I agree this blog is great. I am going to try to remember to read it BEFORE my sessions as it is a great motivator. Keep in your head how elated you feel when you complete a session someone on this blog said to me. Good luck and as Laura keeps saying "you can do this".


How lovely that you are giving it another go. Your daughter as motivation is one of the best reasons for keeping fit and healthy. Once you get into it again your achievements will keep you going and you will probably want to eat more healthily too. You can do it, you know you can, and let us all know how you are getting on. x :-D


Go Gary!

I'm 46, carrying too much weight (which wasn't the motivation for doing this) and have a 13 year old son who caught the running bug from his Dad (which was!) I got fed up with grumbling "we never do anything together at the weekend!" when they disappeared out the door to do Parkrun on Saturday mornings. In a few weeks we'll all be going together, given a fair wind and an injury free conclusion to my C25K journey. This forum is great, we're all in it together. C'mon brothers and sisters we can we can we can! (God I sound like one of those awful inspirational speakers. Or that cat/dog in that advert on the telly. Shut up Allie and get your trainers on)


You can do it !! I had a fair few attempts before finally graduating and yes there are some tricky runs but you know from previous experience that you can and will do it! Laura will get you through it, if you need to repeat a run than that is no problem. Good luck and know we are all cheering you on.


Well done you for getting back into it! :) Good luck and keep telling us how you're getting on so we can celebrate your graduation with you :D


Well done you for getting back into it! :) Good luck and keep telling us how you're getting on so we can celebrate your graduation with you :D


hi and welcome gary :) well done on coming back to C25K , I have a young son he was partly my motivation for doing this also and for stopping smoking :) but in reality i did this for me and boy have i never regretted it :D

Luckily i have lost some weight also ,i have adjusted my diet since i started running so it has helped , The benefits far out weigh any negatives ( if there are any)

This is as much a mental challenge as physical but the rewards are numerous and so dam addictive :D

as everyone says , you can and will do it :D


Hiya, welcome back.

I'm trying to think of any negatives to this amazing challenge and then life style choice - and there are simply none. This is a cheap and easy way of keeping fit. You can enjoy the great outdoors, fresh air, experience all weathers, all people - and then of course there's us lovely lot!

Honestly, it will be the best thing you'll do for your health and general confidence and esteem. And keep coming here you'll read some cracking tales too.

So here's hoping you bash through that 20 minute run and all the way to graduation.

Good luck :) xx


Welcome Back Gary, good for you on starting this again. You CAN do it y'know . Its those thoughts that creep in to your head and tell you that you cant .

Keep at it, you have got a brilliant incentive and motivator there with your little girl.

This forum is brilliant , very inspirational and theres always lots of advice and support when you need it.

Good Luck and go for it , keep posting as it really helps :-) xxx


Hey Gary, welcome back!

I'm a returner myself so know how that feels (failed once, could fail again etc).

You sound like me in the respect that it seems you've always looked for quick fixes in the past and never think you are doing enough?

I go 100 mph at everything and then berate myself for failing and comfort myself with food because I'll never be like those 'runners' or 'gym bodys' or whatever. As we are now both overweight and back on the program maybe it's time to admit that slow and steady really does win the race!? lol

Stick with the plan and see how it goes, you've done 20 minutes once so you know you can do it again!

Good luck!!


Hi Gary, I've just started too. I was running regularly a few years ago but struggled to motivate myself through the initial pain barrier! I feel lucky to have discovered this community and all the positive support available here.

Looking forward to moving forward as I feel everyone is really interested to see newbies succeed.

Good luck ans let us now how you get on.


Good for you Gary for starting again and being very honest. I think you have to look at this as your quick fix - nine weeks!! thats all it takes to be the new you! The support is there full on, with the podcasts and here for your good and bad days. If you are not feeling the 'love' for the running yet then that is fine. Just enjoy getting out there feeling the fresh air, having time to think and the running will come step by step with the programme. You are so young and have so many years to enjoy with your family. Try not to focus on this though, again just small steps of learning a new routine. Remember that 20 minute success and you will be there again very soon. Tip- if you are not a morning person then try to make your runs later and if you have tiring weeks with work and manage to fit in an afternoon siesta at the weekends.. tell yourself your body has allowed you that rest. Pay it back with gratitude by donning your kit, phone charged and going

for it. I wish you all the best :)

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