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W8R2... third time lucky?

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I'm in a bit of a pickle, and I don't know if it's just a collection of bad omens preventing me from completing it, but that's twice I've now been unable to complete W8R2. R1 was great, felt good and felt very achievable. However, I went away camping and hiking last week, and did no running. I tried to do R2 last night, and managed less than 4 minutes of running before calling it off and going straight home. Tonight, I attempted it again, vowing to do it 'properly', but managed 12 minutes before walking. I completed the 28 minutes alternating running and walking, but it wasn't comfortable. None of the usual mantras helped, and I'm feeling pretty discouraged!

I imagine it was any one of the heat, the hiking, lack of proper sleep, lack of proper food, Mars in retrograde, etc. etc.. Still doesn't stop me feeling down. Part of me wishes I'd just stayed home and stuck to the programme!

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I had to repeat w8 runs it took me about 3 wks to complete w8, so just stick with it, i blamed the hot weather haha in the end i took a bottle of water and completed it

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Helm108! Well done for getting back out. It does sound like you might need a proper rest day, as you’ve been hiking not resting. If there’s been little sleep with all of the heat too, you might just be pushing yourself too hard. But I can understand why. You completed R1, so you can do R2 and beyond.

Give yourself a bit of time to recharge and you’ll be back out fresh, ready to run and complete! Delays are not denials! It’s another experience and every run is better than no run!! Chin up, rest and come back on full recharge! You can do it! ❤️

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It’s very warm! Slow down and slow down again and go out after 8:30 pm 👌🏽

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Think of it as practice runs - there is no rush - as Tasha99 says take it slow and then slow down. You will get there - you’ve done run 1 so you know you can run for that length of time. There is no shame in waiting a bit and having a few extra rest days- Just give yourself time and if you need a break then have a break. Your body (and head!) will thank you and you will come back stronger and feeling better than before. 😉 good luck 🍀 you can do it. And it is extremely hot - early morning or late at night is easier for many of us. 😙 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️

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Helm108Graduate in reply to Dizzysmum17

Thanks, I know I need to be patient, it's just frustrating! Also I just noticed your shiny graduate badge, congratulations!

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Dizzysmum17Graduate in reply to Helm108

Hehe thanks! :) Yes it is frustrating - but you will be great! Just take it at your own pace :)

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It’s fine

You have the ability to do it, you must just be a bit tired. Try again and you’ll get there, come so far and done so much already!

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