Wk5R3...in the bag!! Woohoo!!

I did it! I did it!! *jumping around the room on jelly legs*

I didn't honestly think I could but I was going to give a damn good try....and I did it!! Admittedly, one some points along the way, I suspect if I went any slower I would have gone backwards....but I did as Laura said...one foot in front of the other...albeit slow and legs getting gradually heavier with each tread....but I DID IT!!

What a sense of achievement when I remember struggling with a few minutes a couple of weeks ago!

Can't wait to start Wk6R1 so I can up the pace knowing that I haven't that far to go! It's the 25min run around the corner now that's giving me nerves..!!


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13 Replies

  • Oh wow congratulations!! I just did wk5 run2 and came on here to ask how the hell I will get through run 3 - and here was your blog! Well done jelly legs - must feel amazing. Ok thanks you have spurred me on!

  • I found Wk5R2 hard with the 8min runs and thought how on earth was I supposed to run for 2.5 times without collapsing in a heap on the floor...but I tried to hide under duvet today and then thought sod it!! The worse that can happen is that I stop half way through but it's still further than I would have got 5 weeks ago! So I went...and you know, once you get going and breathe and I think the bit that got me through was NOT thinking of it as 20mins but taking it a few minutes at a time! Legs felt tired but I slowed my pace down to a SLOW jog (picture power walking but a little bouncier!) so I could recover a little and then picked it up when legs felt a little better.

    The anticipation of the last day was actually worse than the run itself! It's true that it's a mental challenge as much as a physical one. I'm not saying it was easy but the feeling you get when you've done the 20mins is unbelievable!

    (Will re-read this when it come time to do my 25min session in nx week! I was so grateful to stop running today that another 5mins seems unachievable but I know this program has worked for so many so it will work for us too!)

    Good Luck with your next run! You can do it! Take it one step at a time and you'll be fine!

  • Wow well done, I feel like that run is such an achievement and turning point in the programme! Keep it up, best of luck for the rest of it :)

  • Well done, you must be really pleased, you've done really well. :) I've still got that dreaded run ahead of me - I did W4R4 yesterday, and we're moving on to W5 when OH feels like he can do W4 without dying, so might be a while. I hope when I get there I do as well as you did! Sounds like you deserve a glass of wine or something now though! ;)

  • well done . its seems unreal that when we first start this and think omg how am i ever going to run for 20 minutes at a time, i have only just done my first wk3 R1 got my second run tomorrow..hope i can stay positive . ;)

  • Fantastic, well done you. I must admit I cried when I did 20 mins - I couldn't run for 30 secs when I started and now I'm on week 7. It's a great feeling isn't it?

    Keep up the good work guys, everyone is doing a great job.

  • Thanks, I have to admit a couple of minutes to the end, I was ready to cry!! I played around with the thought of stopping, tried to justify stopping by thinking I've done really well anyway, then told myself that I would just kick myself for giving up when I was so close....by which time, the two minutes had passed and Laura was telling me to walk again!! Felt so good but am feeling it in my legs this evening!

  • I will do run 2 in week 5 tomorrow and am already stressing about running 8 mins but I will give it my best. So well done to you on the infamous 20.

  • I stressed re 8 mins - but to be fair, stressed re 3 and 5 mins as well. What I've learnt is just listen to Laura and keep going, thousands of people have achieved this. I'm not sure how it works but it does. Keep going!!

  • Congratulations! I completed W5R3 on Monday and know exactly what you mean! For the last 2 mins I felt I could walk quicker, but the amazing feeling of completing the 20 mins outweighs any other feeling.

    Well done and roll on Wk6 :)

  • the week five run three was a real revelation to me. i realised for the first time in my life that i didnt just keep getting more out of breath the longer i ran, but that i could actually recover. ( i have a big hill in my run and the realisation that i could recover from this while running was awesome) after that its just tiredness in the legs and thats only temporary (i hope) 25 mins at the end of this week!

  • whoop whoop!!!! :D

  • Well done!! I am due to do it in a week, not sure of it quite yet! But brilliant, you give us hope! :-)

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