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Delayed (W1#2)

So, after the first run and a full day of Christmas shopping I came down with some serious muscle ache. Nonetheless, I went out for a run (after reading online that once you're warmed up, it wouldn't hurt).

I changed my route slightly so that I ran uphill in the beginning, had a large more or less level piece and then turned around. This worked really well.

With Christmas around the corner, I'll finish week 1 here and start week 2 back home in the Netherlands. Looking forward to the change of scenery.

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Hi fleet really well done to you. It is satisfying when sonething

works out like that. Onwards and upwards :-) Ed x


Thanks, it truly is!


... and flatter running conditions no doubt!

Well done on getting out there


Normally yes, but my parents live in one of the only hilly areas. But I'm sure I can find a flat bit or cycle there at least!


Welcome, Fleet!! It sounds like you are off to a good start!! I have said it to so many people new to C25K, but you have already taken the most difficult steps of the program...the ones from the couch to the door!!!

Keep us updated and Keep Running!! :-)



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