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This morning I woke up (very unwillingly, not a morning person at all) and got ready for my last run of week 1. Luckily, I found it much more manageable than the other 2 runs!

Unfortunately, my headphones broke halfway through so I continued with the sound out loud. However, I got through it and after my last run I went for an extra 20secs to make up for the time i spent trying to fix my headphones haha

Next run - and start of week 2 - on Tuesday !

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I did my last run of week 1 this morning. I have never run before feeling very proud of myself. Might even be able to walk downstairs without hobbling tomorrow!

well done! good luck on your future runs


Brilliant - well done!

I can't bear ear/ headphones - so always run with phone on loud in my pocket lol

Have a great next week x


Way to go... play it loud!

Congrats on W1

I use JBL Bluetooth earphones, there really comfy for running and waterproof. I can highly recommend them if your thinking about getting a new pair.

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