Planning week 2

Just completed week 1, hurrah! Staring week 2 on Sunday. Don't actually plan my runs, just run/walk til half way through, then come home. So with week 1 I went to the end of recovery for run 4, then turned around. I've had a quick listen to the beginning of week 2 and it works out in my head that there'll be 6 runs, is this right? So I'd need to turn around after the end of the recovery of run 3? Excited to start the next bit now!!

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  • There is a wall chart you might find useful so you know what's coming. It is a pinned post on the right.

    Like you I need to know what is expected of me. I did the same and turned round half way and it was about week 6 that I did my first loop. Stick with the programme - you will be amazed how far you end up going compared to week 1!

  • That wall chart is really useful, thanks!

  • Congratulations on starting. I think you will feel the excitement more and more as you progress. Such a good feeling achieving your goals. Best wishes

  • Congratulations . It is exciting , I used to not be able to wait for my next run . Keep up the good work .

  • Thanks to everyone for all your encouraging messages, help and support, this really makes this programme fantastic!

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