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yey finally finished a week one run

having managed to sort out the technology to play the podcast at the right speed tonight i went out for my fifth attempt at week one and managed to complete it. that for me is a great accomplishment, my run at the end was little more that a lopsided shuffle and my brisk walking wouldnt have alowed me to overtake a geriatric on a zimmer frame but hey it can only get better and i did it. Another two runs like that and i may finally be up to attemting week 2. woop woop go me. I was wondering as i plodded along at what stage i was going to admit to freinds that i have taken up running as a hobby, i think they may all pass out with shock lol. i will save that little gem of information untill much further into the program when i can actually call myself a runner.

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Hi joblo well done to you for sticking with it. If you keep to the programme

repeating runs as necessary, you will do it. I am on W3R2 but i also do

Parkruns as i dont enjoy running alone. Just dont be i too much of a hurry,

the body takes months to adapt. Good luck and keep going, Ed.


Don't worry about being a secret runner there are lots of them about! I waited until about Week 6 when I pretty much knew that, although it wouldn't be easy, I would be able to complete the program before I let on to friends.

Well done on taking the hardest step and getting out there in the cold.


thanks, i have to say i have never felt motivated like this to exercise before it is a great challenge and i am enjoying it


Well done! The first bit is the toughest so you've broken the back if the challenge. You are a runner- be proud! Tell the world!


Well done and welcome!!! The first few weeks personally were the most difficult. Until week 6 or so, I was passed often by turtles and snails. :-) Keep running, or what to your body is a run, and as you build stamina, speed will increase. Gayle


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