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Yay!!! Week 9 DONE!!!!!! woo hooo!

Well I have done it! woo hoo!

Ive had my ups and downs but Ive finally got here! (yes I live in a valley ;-) )

I am still having to pause once or twice (I have a rare lung disease and I dont fully exhale my lungs so if I stop and squat down I feel much better - but look like a muppet!) so I still have work to do and theres always speed and strength to work on...

But I felt so good, I must have been glowing and grinning like an idiot cos when I started the warm down walk I forgot the roundabout has one lane into two lanes and nearly got mowed down by a green car!!!!!! (My fault and Im usually sooooo careful)

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Well done on completing the programme and you must feel so proud of your achievement.


Fantastic - well done! That's a great achievement. Make sure you keep a look-out for cars in future - whatever colour they are!




Woo hoo well done, fantastic, you should be really proud of your achievement. A green badge (not green car) on it's way to you! Congratulations :-D


Well done its an amazing achievement. Hope you're grinning madly!happy running. X


Congratulations, spin!! An amazing accomplishment to say the least!! Very well done!!

It appears that your graduation has a lot of green in it...a green car and soon a shiny green "Graduate" badge!!

Congratulations again and Keep Running!! :-)



fantastic and well done especially as you are running up and down.. Congratulatons and keep running.


Thankyou everyone - had a good run today - and no cars! lol!!! :)


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