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W9 R3 Looks like I'm a Graduate! Woo hooo

Not got much time as I need to go to work, but just wanted to share my exhilaration with you all.

*I done it* I ran my last run in this program and loved it. Absolutely amazed, astounded, stunned and very very pleased!

Woo Hoo, what a feeling

I absolutely loved running this week too and completed the 5K yesterday with my 'untrained' 11 yr old daughter in 39 mins 16 seconds, after all her moaning and walking, what an amazing time!

Right, How do I get my 'Graduate' badge??

What do I do now, how do I continue with the good work, any suggestions?

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Congratulations! Waving virtual pom poms for you! Isn't it a great feeling?!

If you message JR21 he'll fix you right up with your green badge of courage...

My immediate (just graduated Friday) plans involve gettting stronger (NOT faster) at the 5k distance...and losing weight before I pile on too many miles. There is a 10k programme scheduled to be released....soon(?).

Good luck to you with your running!


Brilliant, well done! I'm very happy for you.


Well done. It really is good feeling to finish


well done, fantastic achievement!! :)


Well done :)


Congratulations, you must feel very proud! Apart from the physical fitness aspects it/s becoming clear to me that C25K is also about self-belief and massively boosting self-esteem! I hope in 7 weeks I'll be able to say "I did it!" too!


Congrats on graduating! Keep up the good work and happy running!


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