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Watching the European cross country from Budapest and feeling like a whimp

Yes I know they are all professionals and at least half my age (and weight, or almost) but these lads are running in snow wearing shorts!!!!! I take some comfort seeing that only a handful of them are twice as fast as me but wish I could face running in the cold conditions. Am thinking I need to man up and try it, but havent had the courage in the last 2 weeks since the temps have dipped so much.

Off to sunny Spain tomorrow and going to do a mix of outside running and learning to run on a treadmill in my hotel. If I get on OK on a machine then I'll join the gym when I get back and start running indoors for the winter.

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Some of the ladies were running in short shorts (briefs style) and one was in a cropped top and briefs - in other words she had all of her skin exposed except for two wee bands of fabric. Brrr. . Not only was there snow on the ground, but the presenters said it was below zero.


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