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sciatica and running

Started with sciatica yesterday.It runs down to the back of my knee, I have had it before, but decided to run this p.m. as the ice had gone. The first part of the run was downhill and it was real agony, though I would have to stop due to the pain. However, on the flat and running uphill the pain disappeared. Normally I hate going uphill but it was such a relief. Not sure if I am doing the right thing running with this, but going to keep going for now.

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Hi Burstcouch! I think I have a bit of this... Thigh and groin started hurting after a week of no running, then spread to my foot. It's good to hear that you managed to run as I've been putting it off! Hope it feels better soon :)


This sounds similar to me, when I ignored it I ended up with a poorly ankle and had to stop running for a couple of weeks.

I found an article that might help us stretch the problem away

See the bit about

Piriformis Stretches

Does it relate to your problem? Take care both of you :-)


Thanks Phil, I had piriformis problems before, and this feels a bit different. Mind you I should think about doing stretches. I don't do any at all.

Not sure I will get out the next few day as the frost and ice return again tomorrow. So might be doing long walks with the dog instead.

Alisha take care too and just begin again when you feel ready.


My sciatica starts in my right hip joint and moves down the leg. If I ignor the pain and keep on running the pain only gets worse and goes into my lower back, I'm stuffed (not very polite sorry)when that happens. I took 4 weeks off quite recently and I'm fine again now but not back up to the times I was getting before. I just know if I ignor it and it goes into full blown sciatica I will be crippled for perhaps months and its just not worth the risk. Hope it settles soon.


I'm quite bad at doing stretches, will give these a go! Cheers :)


Thanks Oldgirl, weather stopped the thought of running today as frost and ice underfoot. I will try to take it easy, but need the running as it helps de stress me.


Forgot to say I've now doubled my stretches after a run. Each stretch held for a count of 30 (4 different for each leg) then I repeat the whole lot over again and count for about 20-25 if the hip is giving any twinges I concentrate a longer hold on a hip flexor stretch. Another point is I make sure my legs are warmed up with an extra long fast walk first. Hope things settle down for you soon.


thanks Oldgirl, I walked today............ 10km with the dogs, no pain just walking. Need to stretches like you said.


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