Running at 8000 feet!!

Running at 8000 feet!!

I finally had an opportunity to run at quite a high altitude - at 8000 feet along the rim of the Bryce Canyon in Utah, USA.

It wasn't a very long run - only around 20 minutes and I grasped the opportunity by running while dressed in jeans and wearing simple trainers. Half of that run was uphill and it was a fair effort to do so.

I may be able to get some more runs done in Las Vegas and Honolulu on our way home - but then I have to get back into the saddle for a HM in September.

Did anybody see the 92 YO lady who finished a Marathon this week in San Diego??

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  • I've been to Bryce Canyon. It's the one with the "Hoodoos"? I walked the trail right the way through it..... Wow, that was hard enough without even thinking about running it. A beautifull place indeed.

  • That's a monumental photo Bazza. I'd get the heebee geebees looking over the edge ... Beautiful place for a mini run!

    Your epic trip seems never ending!

    Missed the marathon runner ... Goodness gracious!

    Happy (remaining) hols :-)

  • Oh wow! Utterly jealous.

  • Missed the marathon lady Bazza but what a wonderful run in beautiful surroundings! Happy holidays!

  • Something else.... Running in Vegas? I remember walking along the strip in 110degree heat. We'd had enough and jumped in a cab. Without even opening our mouths the cab driver said "You're British, right?" I nodded and asked why

    "No one else walks in Vegas in this heat!"

  • Stunning.

  • Lovely. Hope you didn't run too near that rim though. I'd need a barrier to even tiptoe that close. Will google 92 year old lady right this minute. Thanks for that Bazza. I am in need of elderly inspiration!

  • Cripes, a C25K doing altitude training!

    Enjoy the hols and watch the sun!

  • Looks gorgeous, Bazza, and what an experience it must have been to run in an environment like that.

  • Wow! That looks hot hot! Good for you for running anything in jeans.

  • How amazing - you kind of expect to see men on ponies with bows and arrows on the skyline. Well done doing the run - enjoy the rest of your holiday and try not to lose to much in Vegas! :)

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