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Running Up That Hill

No, I'm not doing a Kate Bush impression (not enough hair, for one thing). But I'm doing the Great Yorkshire Run in September and it has a real sting in the tail; the last 500m is almost entirely uphill, and quite sharply uphill at that. As virtually all of my runs have been on the flat I think I need to do some uphill work. It's not difficult to find uphills in Sheffield. So at 7.15 (get me, 7.15 on a Sunday morning) I was out and running uphill. Rather to my surprise I found it pretty straightforward; slower than on the flat but not outrageously so and still able to breathe normally at the top. A few more of those will do nicely! So today's total was 5K, 33.33 mins and 1 uphill.

PS - the auto-tags aren't bad either!

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Hi and well done OldNed! - nice cool morning for running. I'm near Halifax and there are loads of hills here (I mainly run on treadmill but have right shin/calf pain at the moment).


Thanks vonnyliz - certainly no shortage of hills in Halifax! Hope your shin/calf pain soon improves.


didn't quite to 7:15, but I wasn't that far behind.... and thanks for the heads up too I never even thought to check the route for Sheffield, so will need to get some hill work in myself too..

only done a very small slight uphill during one of my runs before and found myself landing differently, more on the ball of my feet and pushing off - is that right, do you have to change the way you run on a hill or should you keep to the same as for running on a flat?

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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Thanks Matthew. To be honest I didn't notice any difference in running style so I guess it amounts to the same as running on the flat. I think I was perhaps leaning forward a tad more, but that might just have been the hill!


Our parkrun is all uphill till half way it's an absolute killer however I agree hills are good, we have lots here and when I first started running up them I wanted to collapse but now I can do it and **** that feels so good. I read that hill training is supposed to really help.

Good luck with the run in september Kate Bush!


Perhaps I should do it in costume? No! Delete that thought!!


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