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Which foam roller??

Our local sports shop doesn't do foam rollers so it's Amazon to the rescue. But which roller is best for quads and ITB???

Any advice would be much appreciated. If my knees are still okay tomorrow morning I'm going to have a 5 minute run on the treadmill and see how it goes. After 5 weeks on the cross trainer I'm itching to get running again. So if anyone's free to cross their fingers hard around 8am British time... please do! :-)

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I don't know, but am thinking I'll ask my sport physio about foam rollers when she eventually declares me fit enough to run. I have another appointment with her next week.


Hi Swanscot! How's your leg coming on - or is it both legs? I hope you're seeing progress anyway, I've been finding it three steps forward and then two back, it's really difficult to keep a balance between enough and too much exercise. My work involves a lot of standing too which doesn't help. And this cold weather just goes straight through my bones, I'm actually really glad I can go to the gym and I never thought I'd ever say that. I'm sure your Scottish weather is no warmer than our Swiss weather too, make sure you stay warm when you do get out again.

Fingers crossed for us both :-)


It's only one leg, and as the physio has said no running for now, I'm not even attempting it. I've not done much cycling either recently as it's cold for whizzing downhill (which I have to do to go from home) on the bike. I've just managed a bit of walking and two hours dancing (well, bopping) at a rock gig on Tuesday. That gave me a swollen leg!


Ow, poor you, that's really frustrating. There's not much else you can do except keep doing the exercises... and look forward to the spring... :-(

I think you should do more hopping than bopping next rock gig too... I'm surprised how much 'rest' my knees have needed to get within sight of 'normal'. The temptation to do more than you should is always there, and it's SO easy to give in. I haven't 'gone for a run' for weeks but there are always things like running quickly upstairs to get something, knees ouching all the way down again, or running after the dog when she runs away with a dead bird etc etc etc... Life's rich pattern... ;-)

I'm going to try five mins on the treadmill this morning, my knees haven't twinged badly for three days now. Fingers at the ready.


Would be interested if anyone has experience of these how it worked out, I have been toying with the idea of getting one but don't know any one who has used one.



On week 6 and a friend at work had a roller. BEST thing ever invented. My calfs were like bricks, went on her roller and could have danced away. I got mine from Pysio supplies on the internet and went on you tube for instructions.

I got the 15" one but on reflection would have liked the 10" as this one stretches out my achilles better. I also use a tennis ball on my feet which lengthens underneath and so helps my achilles and calfs.

I have got half my step class on these as well, honestly would not be without it.

Let me know how it goes.


Thanks everyone. I've ordered what seems to be a general-use foam roller on Amazon, with pics of people rolling various parts of their anatomy on the ad. Should be here before Christmas. Meantime I'll have a go with my massage balls, those little spiky ones, and see if that makes a difference.

Onwards and upwards!


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