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DFR - Dreaded Foam Roller

I was schooled yesterday by my physiotherapist in about 5 different ways to use my foam roller. She told me to do it EVERY day, maybe even twice a day.

My glutes and hamstrings are okay. IT bands and calves are sore, but I can use the roller. But holy Dinah! I can barely rest anything on my quads, there's no way I can roller them today. Hopefully every other day is okay until I can ask the physiotherapist next week.

The payoff is that the knee is holding up very nicely on my runs :)

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Hooray for the roller. it is always answer, along with squats. Except for ribs.

Oh and your quad problem: Velominati Rule #5 applies here.


I just googled the rule #5. I think that is what i'm trying to do (with very slow progress)


Ah, you're right as usual. Rule #5 does indeed apply, I'll remedy that. I'm sure my quads will thank you (in the long run, not today).


I'm off to an osteopath on Monday to have my knees looked at and to get advice on how to manage them. No injury so far, but I know they are my Achilles heel.

Haa Haa - see what I did there?

Serious though - I don't want to spend a single day on the IC!


You're right, it's good to see someone early to avoid any time on the injury couch. I'm glad it was just two weeks for me after the race - I'm okay running shorter distances for a bit as long as i get to run.

Hopefully your osteopath is good. I'm really glad I found a good physio. She 'gets' running, she was a competitive rower so she understands that for some of us another activity just doesn't cut it. Most of my other health professionals don't understand. Fortunately mine isn't a structural problem but an overuse issue so if I'm good to myself I'll be back to form in no time.


I found the roller helpful too. Only thing I have read (and heard from someone who teaches fitness) is that you should not roll the IT bands (i.e. Sides of your thighs) as it can damage the IT bands and do more harm than good. I found that rolling position really uncomfortable anyway, so had given up after the first attempt. Anyone else heard this?


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