Foam rolling????

Any advice on foam rolling from the veterans? I'm on W9R1 and from about the beginning of week 8 have had the most awful achy calves. Of course did post run stretches and also some heel drops and they've helped. But was wondering about foam rolling as I've seen a lot of info on the internet but want the opinion of my trusted running community. Any one using it? Dies it help? If yes, which foam roller do you recommend? Thanks on advance😄


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  • Yes, they do help, don't overdo it though, there's a video clip on YouTube of foam rolling on the calves being demonstrated... well done getting to w8😊

  • Thank you. Any suggestions on which one to get? There some much information out there and they are a bit expensive

  • Yes they are especially good for tight calves but as davelinks says check out how to use it properly. Get a smooth one first. The knobbly ones are the next level of pain up!

    You can get them from any decent sports shop or TX Maxx or Amazon.

  • Ah exquisite torture - but it really works!

    Should be able to pick up one quite cheaply - it's more important to use it right, but there are plenty of videos on the internet.

  • I had the same issue from about week 6 onwards and someone recommended this one to me:

    It's really good, though it's definitely a pleasure/pain kinda thing. It won't be pleasant using it, it's like a torture weapon, but it does work. My calves and shins were getting REALLY sore so I use it on and off when needed after my runs. My legs were particularly bad last week so I've used it after the last 2 runs and my legs have stopped hurting now. I'm about to do W9R2 so I'm at the same point as you.

    The way I figured it, for £16 quid I thought it was worth a try,. I'm glad I got it. I too do the stair lift and drops and in combination with this roller it has worked for me.

  • Oh, and it will work out your core too - doing your legs certainly gets your stomach muscles working!!! (You'll find out what I mean if you get one).

  • Thank you... checked it out. Unfortunately it costs £40 in India! So going to have to give it a miss and do some more research.


    Same measurements as the one I got - any good?

  • Thank you. That was very nice of you. I was wondering the small is good enough us it? 13 inches?

  • that's the size of the one I've got. It's fine for my legs, I do one at a time. It would be no good if you wanted to do your back probably but I find mine perfectly fine for my calves and shins.

  • Ok that's great. I'll look around for a bit and decide thank you so much 😄

  • I got a smooth one a few months back called fitness- mad about £10 online, was £17 in sportshop, I wouldn't pay that, you can see them or similar on eBay or Amazon

  • Unfortunately n India the cheapest ones are at least £15 so I'm just going to have to wait or dig deep into my pocket

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