Couch to 5K

the good, the bad and the ugly


I have nailed c25k whoop whoop (5.6 km within the 30 mins run), oh yeah me is whizing with excitement!!


Let's put a bit of perspective into this. I always knew I had to give up the smoking this year boo hoo weep weep :'( It really wasn't going to happen over new year as one would be a little sloshed to keep it. So the "lent" period was circled in the calender, plenty of time to build up to it and prepare. I started to plan...

I needed a new focus. I'm a seasonal fitness person, ie the summer = fit, spring autumn = reasonably fit, winter = defo not doing nothing except denting that couch and putting on couple o' pounds to keep me warm. I decided i would put all my smoking focus into gaining all year round fitness. I am a keen walker / rock climber in moutainous regions (think lake district not himalayars), TOTALLY NOT SUITABLE FOR WINTER SPORTING given that i was moutain rescued last year (another story for another day) i deceided it's a no no. Cycling, me loves cycling. Erm ....housemate got knocked off his scooter this year by hit and run!!! yeah not taking that one up either in winter. Swimmer, I adore swimming, however my hair does not, so that one not happening. Now those cynical ones amongst you may be thinking i was creating barriers on why not to get fit which would result in why not to give up smoking. You're probably right, but shhh... dont tell anyone.

Boyfriend is a habitual runner (the kind u meet while learning to run on the street that you just want to beat around the head with one of your running shoes), back to the point! I looked at how easy it was to fit around his life and i thought, i can do that (fit running into my life not actually run). I had already heard about the c25k programme, so off i went downloaded it from nhs onto ipod. On yer marks get set go...

Yeah the learning to run was exactly what im sure we've all gone through or are currently facing...blood sweat and tears ... but the programme does exactly what it says on the tin, gets you running a very bang tidy 5k


I've finished, I know how I'm going to improve ... put distance on and improve minute miling etc etc boring yawn yawn! but one thing upsets me hugely ... I miss Laura. I've used her as my virtual personal trainer, waiting for her to tell me to run longer / harder / breathe camly and her many many congratulations charging me on, I have wanted to please her at every stage more than complete the run. I started to miss her in weeks eight and nine, she was talking to me less, didn't encourage me as much as she used to, was drifting away. At times i started to think her attentions were focussing on someone else. To cut a long story short, she has left me, I've learnt to live without her (and my cigarettes). Life goes on and on and on ..... well to about 10k me thinks next target is.

Well that's is my story. Hope ya liked it. R

Just a note boyf' is running london marathon this weekend, looking at under 3hours timing, so them there in that there london need to get yer trainers out, as i have warned him that i (and maybe others) may feel like giving him a beating. He's the one who will be TALKING, yeah TALKING with his run buddy all the way round ...grrrrrrr

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Great blog, the barriers to activity made me laugh. Congratulations on finishing the plan and for giving up the smoking. Maybe the next target should be 5K with talking. :) I really missed Laura too but new podcasts are on the way soon.


Forgot to say, brilliant distance :)


5k with talking :) liking that idea v much, me is needing to find myself a running partner or i could just talk to myself all the way round ... yeah that will keep away all those nasty super duper fast non sweating runners


Wow, well done you :-) Brilliant blog, thanks for that - you've got some speed there :-) Sorry though, think Laura was cheating on you with me ;-) Good luck to your boyfriend for the marathon - I didn't get through the ballot... again... lol :-) Congrats on graduating x


Well well .... the secret is out now, i shall be running faster and longer to try and win back Laura's attention from you. Don't forget once a cheater always a cheater, she will leave you for someone else, it's in her nature....snigger snigger. Thanks for the congratulations


congratulations RachelJC and for actually doing the 5k in the time. wow thats great. well done! great blog too .


That's a super blog Rachel really made me smile and many congratulations!


Brilliant, well done ! Great blog too.

I too wish Laura would talk more through the longer runs (I've just started W8) - the music isn't great and I'd like her to speak to me every five minutes, just so I know how I'm doing. I feel a bit neglected sometimes ;-)


Fabulous!! I so love the way you write. And - how interesting - you hardly mention the fags at all. I had to check back to be sure you really had quit. Seems like the running just blew you away and demanded all your attention...... Defo 10k next!!!

A huge WELL DONE!!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)


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