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Graduation run

Well I have done it - graduated from the C25k programme. Although I did 35mins for run two only had time to do the 30mins today.

Feel like a reall bona fide runner now.. My probation period for my new job finished on wednesday and so my money is going up so may treat myself to a Garmin for £99,

What do other graduates do - continue with stepping stones or just run for 30 minute to their own music?

I think I may try stepping stones for a week to see what the music is like; if I dont like the music then will continue to run 3 times a week to my own music.

This is an edited post - meant to say run two in initial blog not run one!

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Woo hoo well done, it feels great doesn't it. I haven't tried stepping stones or stamina podcasts yet, I just try to run 5K at the weekend and twice a week I go to a beginners running group which I have to say is great fun, if quite challenging. Good Luck with your post graduation runs. Celebrate you are a real runner now, enjoy your Garmin :-D


Well done Philippa, congratulations! You must be so chuffed. Enjoy your Garmin; that's what I did too - a grad pressie to myself!!

I am just running 3 times a week to my own music for now and enjoying that but just do whatever you prefer - just dont stop running!!

Now go celebrate!!

Sue x


Well done for sticking with it and graduating. You're well on the way. The stepping stones podcasts are good, but I've taken to just running without any music. You could also think about doing a parkrun and maybe entering a 5 or 10k in the future to give you something to aim for and keep you motivated.

Once again, well done!


Well done! Im going to the gym to do treadmill running twice a week with my own playlist. I try to do one session where I aim for a further distance and another where I aim to do 5k in 30 mins. Whatever you choose, enjoy it!"


Congratulations Graduate!!!! Just do whatever works for you as long as you keep running! Steve and I set some long and short term goals to keep us motivated. We also like to gift ourselves with neat running toys. ;-) Enjoy the Garmin!! Gayle


Congratulations, ebony!! A bona fide runner, indeed!! Look at you, you are running for 30 minutes and more!!!

Let's see, what to do after graduation? First, congratulations also on the new job. That is two successes for you!! So let's begin our graduation with a new toy...You NEED a Garmin!! You DESERVE a Garmin!! You have EARNED a Garmin!! GET A GARMIN!!!! Ok, I think I have made my stance known on the Garmin idea!! :-)

Secondly, I have to echo Viv's idea about a parkrun or some other organized run!! It is a wonderful way to surround yourself with other runners...some may be faster, some may be slower, but all will be runners!! I love organized runs.

As Gayle said, we both just make up our own little goals. It doesn't really matter what your goal faster, run longer, run more often, or just stay the same...what matters is KEEP RUNNING!!

Congratulations again!! Enjoy your "Graduate" badge. You have earned it!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



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