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Not running

Stupid weather has prevent me from going for a run in over a week. Tried to go out at the start of the week just too see how it went and I didn't even make it to the bottom of the street. This sucks and I really want to go for a run. My whole plan for this week seen as I off work was to try and get my time down by a minute of two and me and a friend was going to attend a park run at the weekend.

Anyone else effected by the weather?

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It is horrible, and frustrating when you want to get out running but can't. Am going to try going out tonight but only because a group of us are going. My OH went out last night and slipped over and now has nice scabby knees! Hopefully this ice and snow won't last long and we can get back to normal soon. Hopefully you will be able to run your parkrun soon


same here, frustrated at not being able to get out. thinking of going now as rain has cleared the ice and snow, but its going to freeze overnight again, so the ice rink will be back again here in the morning.


Hi angel i did W3R2 last night but it was bloody freezing even

down here in sunny Cambridgeshire! I like to do my local

Parkrun in Cambridge. I like them as i like to run with other

people as i am sooooo slow. Ed x


It been so hot down here,The best time is for me in the morning....It refreshing to have a morning run...


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