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Running and heat - not a great combination☹️🤷🏻‍♀️

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Currently on my third consolidation week. Running for 30mins and managing to do around 4.75km. Not too bothered about the distance but want to make sure I can do the 30mins on a regular basis so can do ParkRun.

Yesterday though I didn’t manage to complete the run! I got to 15mins and then had nothing more left to give! I have learnt something from it though - heat and running for me are not a good combination! I even tried to go later in the day but just wasn’t meant to be.

I will give it a rest and come back to it when the weather is a lot cooler! In the meantime I will enjoy the sunshine on my allotment and garden 🙂🙂🏃🏽‍♀️

18 Replies
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Look at the local forecast and try to get out when the temperature is 13°C or lower. At this time of year it might mean getting out early or really late in the day.

Drink plenty too.

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Trecha10Graduate in reply to nowster

I went out at half seven and temperature was still around 24 degrees! Will definitely keep in mind the 13 degrees. Thank you

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nowsterGraduate in reply to Trecha10

It was really warm overnight. Hopefully there will be some cooler air coming in this evening.

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I've found that mornings work for me. I was out at 5.45 this morning and it was just lovely.

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Trecha10Graduate in reply to Penguingirl1

Oh wow! That’s amazing. It must be really nice at the time but not sure I could manage it 🤣

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Penguingirl1Graduate in reply to Trecha10

😂 I normally aim for 7 ish but had to work yesterday hence getting out at that time. It really does energise me for the day though to the point I'm missing it on non running days

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arbitrarygeniusGraduate in reply to Penguingirl1

I'm struggling with the heat also, went out at 5:45am this morning having not been out since Monday and it was a little gruelling (but I switched my route and went a bit more uphill so going back to old route for Saturday). I also cut up a tshirt a bit!

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Have you got an extremely lightweight light coloured cap?

I have this and love it. I can’t stand direct sunlight on me.

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Trecha10Graduate in reply to Tasha99

Interesting - will check out. Thanks

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We love running in the heat but it doesn’t suit everyone, as you consolidate longer you will realise that sometimes 15 minutes is enough

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Trecha10Graduate in reply to WillowandSola

That is great to know. It’s the heat and humidity combined that does me in.

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It's not running in warm weather, it's how we prepare and how we run in warm weather. I enjoy running in the heat (not this, proper heat of 30C plus) and it's all down to details. Nothing worse than not running because of weather, may as well stop altogether because there will always be hot/cold/wet/wind/snow/whatever. I write blogs and one is about running in hot weather conditions. Hope you like it!

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Running-ringsGraduate in reply to mrrun

Thanks, great article.

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I’m with you on this. I started running again last October and I knew once it comes to summer I will struggle. In the past I always ran in colder months too. I aim for early mornings but just recently it’s been hot at 6am. I’ve been trying to stick to the shade when I’m in a park.

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I agree get I love to go early, it’s quieter and cooler I have just bought a visor to keep the sun out of my eyes when running as I am a bit sun sensitive but hate hats!

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During c25k the celebrity voices tell you it’s okay to slow down as long as you don’t walk. That is fine for getting you to the end of the programme, but it can give you the idea that any time you stop and walk during a run you are getting it wrong.

‘Proper’ runners don’t feel bad about taking walking breaks when they need to. It’s good for you to keep up being able to run for 30mins, but you won’t lose anything by making some of your runs into run-walk-run. There’s even a training technique known as ‘jeffing’ which depends on taking a walking break every three minutes or so.

You’re doing really well, don’t feel bad that you can’t run as well in the heat as in more pleasant weather, almost nobody can.

Slowing down when you run is a good idea too, but it can be hard to rein yourself in. You might want to consider a trail run, if your normal route is along roads and pavements. In the countryside there is often more shade. You can’t possibly go as fast on a trail run as on pavement because of the gates and stiles, the uneven terrain and the stopping to check your satnav. But it feels really natural to run at the slower pace, while on pavements it can be hard to keep your speed down.

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Thanks so much for this advice. I thought I would walk and then start jogging again but had this idea it was ‘wrong’. So your post has been super useful.

This forum is so great! Thank you

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Well done for trying. I am on my second consolidation run and not sure how I will manage with the heat. Starting at 9am us it cool enough ? By the evening I have lost my momentum. Enjoy the allotment !

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