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Another one bites the dust!

I was thinking about calling this one "I can't stand Laura", but that wouldn't be fair. She's lovely. Really helpful. But sometimes I want to slap her hard :-) Today was just such a day, while I did my W2R1 10K speed podcast. To be fair, it wasn't her fault. Today was soooooo cold, brrrrrr, and I thought I'd be safer on the grass, but I could hear the crunching and shattering of icy blades of grass over the sound of my iPod. :-( It was gruelling, the air burning on the way down, despite having tied my Next olympic scarf around my face. Normally one to overheat, today I had two long sleeved tops on for my warm up walk and run! I peeled off half way through the first 5 minute run, dropping my bottle and top on a bench as I passed.

A couple of intervals later, my gloves had joined the pile. A tiny collie puppy stood and watched me, as though I were bonkers. :-p Most of the dog walkers smiled at me and made sympathetic noises as I plodded past, one man cheered me on with a jolly "keep it up!" and a beaming smile. :-D

By half way through I was thinking 'I can do this', which is a leap forward from last week, because I really didn't think I could do it and, at the start of today, I wasn't sure I could do it in the cold. I'll post a question later about what people wear when they run. I know its been discussed before, but I wasn't taking much notice, as I was still trying not to overheat.

So, from having to force myself out of the door (I seriously almost dibbed out of this one) I then had a really worthwhile session and felt a real sense of achievement when I'd finished.

I'm vaguely thinking about whether or not to do a parkrun this Saturday, I think my daughter would do it with me. I'm not sure if I'm ready for it, if I need a couple more weeks of regular running, as i've only just stepped up from once a week to 3 x again. Maybe I'll see just how cold it is expected to be.....................

Happy running!

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I don't really wear anything different for weather. I have a long sleeved top and a light weather proof jacket with light jogging trousers (no shorts!). I find that I soon warm up am always pretty warm by the time I get home. Need to be careful not to cool down too much though as I found out once after shopping post-run.


I was in long jogging tights, but I find my backside and legs are like blocks of ice, even after 30 minutes of running - it that normal? I have no blood! :-p Maybe I'm fine in what I'm using so far....


A great run vix especially when you didnt feel 100% about doing it to begin with - those runs are the best!! I'm out tonight and am feeling a bit apprehensive of how cold it is going to be as my last one was Tuesday during the day. Also its the first one in the dark since falling over last week.....oh well, in for a penny......

My bum and legs get icy cold too and I must admit I didnt really notice until I peeled off afterwards - maybe we are vampires??!!

Sue x


my daughter would be delighted to find out I'm a vampire! :-D

I'm sure you will be fine tonight, use it as an excuse to not run too fast ;-) Do you have a torch? I bought a tiny LED torch from Tesco, it fits into the palm of my hand but has a powerful beam, cost about 3 quid, I'll be taking that on any dark runs in future, I didn't enjoy my first dark run last week (without torch!)

good luck, let us know how you get on :-)

Vix xx


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