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Snow stops play .... gutted :(

Really been looking forward to this week as i have two half days from work, did Mondays run so was looking forward to getting out today and friday a bit earlier in the day.

But it's been snowing most of the afternoon here in the sunny North East lol so can't get out tonight. It's pretty slippy anyway and it's just starting to freeze, what a pain.

Bloody frustrating :(

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Not been able to do any runs this week yet, snow and packed ice here in Scotland. Itching to get out but its an ice rink out there.

very picturesque I must say.

Oh for some rain and some clear paths please.


I feel your pain Ive got a week off of work and was hoping to get out and get a few minutes off my time but stupid weather has screwed that plan over. Wish I could afford a treadmill.


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