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Run abandoned - BO stopped play.


I have just attempted the final run of Week 7 - and went to my local gym to do it on the treadmill. (I know, I should have been outside......)

Halfway through the five minute warm up walk, a rather large chap got on the treadmill alongside me and started walking. He absolutely stunk of BO.

It was hard to breathe - but I moved onto the run, where I was needing more oxygen - but it just wasn't there. Four minutes into the run I had to abandon, I just couldn't get enough oxygen in - just extreme body odour.

I felt quite angry, a session wasted. So may venture into the darkened streets later on tonight.

Has anyone else had this experience? Have I got the science wrong, or was it just anger that put me off the run?

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You don’t get that in the great outdoors!


I've only ever run outside but if I was ever likely to have tried a gym run over winter, your post is enough to have put me off! Quite gross, no excuse for that level of personal hygiene! 🤭🧟‍♂️


Gross. Defo run outdoors!


Phew.... all human life is there... eeekkkk! Have experienced this work... nt pleasant and even harder to deal with... !

Out you go :)


Eww!! No, that is not acceptable. I don't blame you for aborting the run either!! That's so grim. I don't know why people think they don't need to use antiperspirant/deodorant...Much safer running outside! at least then you can run in the opposite direction. :D

I always think it might not be the person's lack of,personal hygiene. Some folks have a medical condition or don't have the means at home to wash and clean so often.

I recall a flight once (long haul) and the chap who sat beside me took his trainers off. OMG! It was awful. But you know what? I got used to it and after a fairly short while didn't even smell it any more. But the first whiff was nostril pinching 😱

Next time take some garlic and pickles to chew and breathe in his direction......


😷😷😷 I’d of done the same as you!

Go & venture into the darkened streets tonight! You’ll be glad you did! ✨🌙🙌


Yes outside is the way forward even if it has to be in the dark. Better than trying to breathe through the BO - yuk! Night running isn’t bad, but uneven pavements can be a bit nightmarish! Keep safe in the dark, and enjoy - you’re nearly at the end, good stuff!! 🌻


Have not experienced this kind of thing in the gym for years. There used to be man who wore the same gym clothes all week. Stinky by Wednesday and really bad by Friday. Eeew...

That has to be the most "real" post i have seen on here. Just picture yourself running away from him the next time you are on an outdoor run

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