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Week 5 Run 3. Oh wow!

My Sunday run didn't happen. I started it, but I just wasn't able to keep going. I had to sit down and look at what the problem could be. Both of my bad runs had something in common. I took those runs later in the day. I think I like getting up at the crack of dawn. It's my time; I have no distractions. Lucky for me, most races are held early in the morning.

This morning's run went beautifully. Twenty minutes! I did it. I don't mean to brag, I'm just so pleased. Week 5 is over. The program is taking me a little longer than I planned, but I'm still doing very well.

I'll be on vacation for the last two weeks of the program. I'm a little nervous about that. I'll be in the mountains; I'll be running at a much higher elevation (about 10,000 feet higher!) than I am at home. The temperatures will be much colder, too. I've bought myself some very warm running clothes. I think there's a treadmill that I can use, but I'd really like to run outside if I can. The view is beautiful. I'm really looking forward to this vacation.

Prevacation excitement is a new feeling for me. I used to dread going on vacation. Flying while obese is not any fun. I was always afraid that the airline would tell me I was too fat to fit in one seat. I shudder to think about it. Because I'm able to relax before vacation, I can arrive in a good mindset. This helps everyone have a much better time. I plan to try so many new things during this trip. I'm going skiing & sledding. I'm going to build a snowman. I'll be sure to post pictures & stories of my adventures. :)

Happy Running, y'all.



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Congratulations, fantastic job! So lovely to hear a bit of your story too. I know what its like to struggle with your weight. I yo-yo'd for years getting to 200 lbs at my heaviest. It is a very hard battle to fight and win so you have my admiration for doing it. Your holiday sounds like it will be wonderful, and its going to be amazing doing all of those new things. Congratulations again, I'm sure that week 6 will be a breeze. The scary one is done and you kicked its butt! Looking forward to seeing your holiday pics, Louise. X


Hi Kimber good luck and have a great holiday, Ed x


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