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New treadmill has arrived - 5k completed but it was hard work

After numerous problems with my the first treadmill that was delivered, finally on Saturday a brand new has been sent. I was working so hubbie very kindly put it together, he did it bin record time as he'd already done one before.

This morning was my first run and decided to do the 5k programme to get me started. Well I didn't realise that it varied the pace and the gradient. It was really hard work and at one point I had to stop just to get my breath back. I did however finish the 5k and feel that I really worked hard.

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you made me smile I did the same thing having been running at my pace .....about 8.5 0n a very slight gradient i programmed the treadmill to a profile almost killed me! but i did it then yesterday it went mad but now find i'm running at 10mph on a 2% graident but not during the complete 5k but I'm working on it good luck keep on running :)


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