Parkrun No. 3 completed.... sadly no PB for me, but it was a good run

Boy was it cold this morning. I decided to park at the park and ride and walk up to parkrun, about 15 mins away, figured I'd be warmed up by then.... or maybe not. It was a lovely run, everything seemed to go well, I even had enough energy to do a mini sprint on that last little bit, not that it made much difference as I was a minute slower than last time :( . Oh well, I enjoyed it, that was the main thing.

There were two of us this week from C25K, well done IronMatt on your time, I need to work on speeding up a bit I think, I'd like to be able to do sub-30.

Attached, if you can see it, is a photo of me advertising Couch to 5K with my wonderful blue t-shirt. I started with a jacket and gloves, but they came off by the end of the first lap, had to keep the ears warm though :) Just realised that I really do need to slim down a bit :p


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14 Replies

  • Well done and don't worry about not getting a new PB, it can't happen every week. You need to take lots of things into concideration, weather conditions play a big part for starters. You did better than me, I didn't get out of bed in time!!! It was again very frosty with loads of ice up here and we have even had the odd short shower of snow today. -2C when hubby and I went out for a walk, take wind chill facture into the equation and I expect it was about -6C and that was 1.30pm, heavens knows what it was at 9.00am this morning. Keep up the good work, give Speed a try if you haven't already it will help reduce your time. Again well done.

  • Thanks Oldgirl, after reading your post I don't think I had it too bad with the weather, it was -1 when I went out but the sun did shine so although it was cold, it wasn't too bad. I'm not that worried about the PB, it just would have been nice as it felt like a good run, and looking at Nike+ I was running at a fairly constant pace, which doesn't often happen!! Good luck with your new gym membership, it sounds good. I have to say, I haven't used mine since starting C25K. I can't run on a treadmill anyway, but I used to do other things. I really should go back, but it's finding the time, especially with running 3 times a week. Looking forward to hearing about all of the classes you are joining :) Sharyn

  • Well, you look like you're having a good time and that's got to be way more important than shaving a minute off your time. Lovely photo and lovely post. Good on you for getting out there in the crisp cold.

  • Thank you, it was fun

  • Thanks, Sharyn! And congrats on getting out there on such a bitterly cold morning! You may notice that there weren't so many runners this week -- it was freezing!

    I'm delighted to have made it under 30 minutes for a second run in a row. This wasn't as good as the 29:11 that I timed for myself on Thursday, but now there is an "official" record that I can run 5K in under thirty minutes. I'll be doing the "Speed" podcast again on Monday, and maybe can trim the time a little more before starting the Bridge to 10K in the new year.

    Meanwhile, I'm sorry that I didn't see you there! I was looking out for your blue shirt, but I didn't spot it in the crowd at the beginning. Maybe next time, we should all agree to meet in the car park afterward. I drive a red Rover with a reg plate that begins with "VU". That should be a good landmark to meet at, yes? After all this chatting, I'd like to finally meet you and RollerToaster (though I think she wasn't out there with us this time).

    Anyway, congrats on another successful run! Don't fret too much about the speed -- you'll break through that 30 minute barrier!

  • Hi Matt, thank you :) I just can't believe how fast some of those people are!!

    I have a confession, I had walked up from the Park & Ride at Water Eaton to give myself a good warm up, except I was still cold when we started so I'd left my jacket on and t-shirt was hidden from view, until the end of the first lap that is.

    I noticed that there were a number of Abingdon parkrunners there with us as theirs had been cancelled, so not as many of the Oxford lot, although I think I may have to put some serious work in on the speed (or maybe I'll just go with the flow!!)

    I'll look for the car, so if you see a strange woman looking shifty and hanging around your car, it'll possibly be me :p

    I'm hoping to get there next week, but if not, it'll be the week after, which will be my last one before Christmas. Hope to catch up with you soon. Sharyn

  • Well done for getting out there Sharyn; it's not easy in this weather though I'm sure it's going to get worse...... Great photos! Sx

  • Thank you :) People keep saying it's going to be a bad winter, maybe I need to look into getting some yaktrax.

  • I have seen that they do yaktrax run now as opposed to the pro version. They are more expensive but supposed to fit better round running shoes. They are on my xmas list but may have to persuade the OH to get them earlier if the weather goes down hill....Sue x

  • just found some yaktrax walkers in the viking catalogue for £14.38. mind you, there will be delivery on top of that so may not be any cheaper.

  • These are good for walking but for running go for the Pro version for around £10 on amazon or the Run version I mentioned for around £30 on amazon. You can see I have done some research for my own xmas pressie!!

  • I'll be looking at both then as I do go hiking quite a bit also (When I can fit it in) :)

  • Great photo and well done for getting up in time to do a park run. My nearest is about 30 miles away so I haven't even tried to get up early enough ! I'll make more effort when we have one in Telford (hopefully in February 2013!)

  • Thank you :) ours is about 10 miles away so it's not too bad, at the moment. Not too sure I'll be going if the weather gets really bad, although I'd like to it's the thought of getting there that's the problem. That'll be good if one starts near to you, although some of those at ours only seem to blink and they've finished the course ;)

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