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Week 7 - how did you get through it?

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Tomorrow morning I'm venturing out into the freezing cold to do week 6 r 3 - for the second time after a minor injury setback. Then week 7 looms and for the first time I'm a bit afraid. Really afraid. I know more than half the battle is mental. It's the idea of a week when .... I just go out for 3 runs. It just seems staggering. It's not been easy getting this far. I had to stop for several months after injury earlier this year. Then stop for a good 10 days after a minor injury last month.

So I'm warming up and warming down like crazy to avoid any other strained tendon or muscle.

But I'm just feeling a bit of disbelief. I'm in my middle years, carrying a few extra pounds and worried that this is the point where I might fail if my confidence falters.

So I want to know what was week 7 like so I can get ready for Monday. If you're a graduate were you scared too? Did you have to repeat it and did it get easier through the 3 runs?

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Hi Parkbirdy

First of all try and take the pressure off of yourself. Remember w5r3? How we ALL stress and fret about getting through it? We did, and do, it do it though.

I have been lucky with no injuries to add to my fears, so well done for not letting injury deter you. :-) But w7 is just like every other week. Take each run as it comes, try to relax as you run at a pace that is right for you. If you need more rest days between each run, take them.

I'm well into my middle years and although I've done lots of different sporting things over the years, running has always eluded me (I even did week 1 twice!) but this programme made it achievable.

Good Luck for week 7. You can do it.

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I found the first run of week 7 quite tough - I was on holiday and just ran round the caravan park because I was worried I'd get lost. For my next two runs I decided to explore more interesting routes and that made it a lot easier mentally, I found a woodland path with tree routes and stones to avoid and it became more of an adventure. I think it worked me harder but I enjoyed it more. My advice would be to treat yourself to a scenic route if you can, slow down a little, relax and enjoy :-)

Good luck !

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Hi Parkbirdy

I have just finished W7R2. I've got to say that I found the first 5 minutes the hardest - once I got past that it was ok. I just focus on putting one foot in front of the other and go for it. I was quite shocked that I managed it but I did and it really wasn't that bad.

You know you have followed the programme and taken all of those steps so you know you can do this. I have every faith in you cos if I can do it anyone can.

Good luck and enjoy it. Let us know how you get on.

V x

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Hi Parkbirdy,

first of all enjoy W6R3. That was one of my favourite runs - the feeling of running for 25 minutes for the first time is absolutely amazing. You will love it, so savour the moment & enjoy Laura telling you that you are a runner.

Being honest I did struggle with W7 tho' managed it first time. Looking back I would have followed sfb350's advice & run a new route. It does help. And also be kind to yourself and keep to as flat a route as possible. You've done all the hard work building yourself up physically, now it is mainly a mental struggle.

If you find yourself struggling during a run, slow right down but keep running. The main thing is to keep going for 25 minutes no matter how slow you are. You can sort out pace later.

You are so near to the end of the programme. You can definitely do it. Good luck!, Jennie

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Thank you all for the encouragement. It helped me get out there.

I'm just back from wk6 r3 and after the usual struggle with myself for the first 5-6 minutes really enjoyed it. I felt so bowled over when Laura said I'd done it that I kept running for a couple more minutes!!! I've just mapped how far I managed which I haven't really dared to do before and it was 4.4km of running.

I went a slightly different way and it really helped me through this run. And I made sure that difficult ten minutes was on the dead flat which did make a difference too.

I planned it so the last bit was on the main path through the park past the cafe.

I used to avoid that when I started this programme because I was just too embarrassed to be that cherry faced person staggering past it gasping for breath. But today as I slowly but quite steadily ran past it I felt for just a few moments like a winner.

I'm going to see if I can find at least a couple of slightly different routes for wk 7 - even if it's just running the other way round some of my usual loops. It's such a good tip.

And now I can tell myself that I've already run for more than 25 minutes so it's actually a tiny bit easier ( ha ha ha )/ I might take 2 rest days between each run as well.

i basically tried not to think too much about it!

i kept to the same route and found i mnaged fine. definatley more mental isues as id never ever considered i could keep running for that legnth of time. but i did it and completed the program and above all, so willl you.

trust in your body and the program...you can do it!

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