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(singing) you can do it if you really want, you can do it if you really want, but you must try, try and try, try and try!

Hopefully you'll find this motivational :)

Here's the thing.

Every single time I run I do something that I think I am not capable of.

when I started 5k seemed impossible; but tonight I flew round my 5.2km course, keeping a pretty darn steady and quick pace up a hill that, on week 6 I was VERY glad to be on the "walk" section of my run. I timed it to be 31mins, which I was really happy with.

This week I have ran a total of 48km for SAMH...

On Tuesday I ran 7.21Km, just because I added what felt like a reasonable distance to my organised route (originally 5.6km, I wanted to just make it 6km, as I was feeling well). And then on Wed I added another 8.20km!

Every run there comes a point where either my breathing gets funny, I get too much saliva, my right knee refuses to loosen up, or my right calf feels tight. But I know that if I just do my best, I can often exceed what I actually planned to do.

So now I have two aims; run a 10k

And run a 5k in less than 30 minutes.

To do the sub 30 min 5k I'll have to work hard - i ran my socks off tonight just to get to 31!

But I KNOW it's achievable.

This for me is all a great big reminder of a big life lesson - that if I cease to worry about whether something is actually achievable or not, and just get on and do it to the best of my ability, I'll probably manage it. A very useful lesson for me, as one aspect of my depression is that I can just sit and worry about how well i'll be able to achieve something, if I achieve it at all...


So keep on running! :)

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Well done Hectors, fantastic achievement! Ed


Absolutely brilliant HH!! What an inspiration you are!

I echo your thoughts and as another song goes, "dont worry 'bout a thing, cos every little thing gonna be alright...." and it usually is!

I'm sure you will do your sub 30 mins 5k in no time; fantastic!

Sue x


I remember a friend teaching me to use that song as a worry-buster when I was about 8 years old. Weird that it's stuck with me for life!


That's a good life lesson for us all!


Well done Hector! Oh I remember that record-still love it! I used to sing it when I had a particularly difficult thing to deal with.


Desmond Decker and the Aces covered that (and no, I don't remember them first time around!). I love that song and the Bob Marley one.

Lovely blog, inspiring, I think I'll go to bed with this one top of mind to psych myself up for a great run tomorrow, thanks :-)


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