Can anyone really run or are some people just not meant to do it????

During a pre graduation run today (struggled at only 22mins so not counting it and doing the real thing on Sunday!), I was jogging along in pain and panting like a dog in the summer-and was considering giving up -perhaps I'm just not meant to run -I'm a big old girl , totally unfit , never enjoyed exercise at all - but have managed somehow to get to the last run in week 9 and although I have seen I huge improvement from the early days when I nearly killed over at 60sec runs since progressing on the the longer runs 25-30 mins I haven't really seen any improvement all runs gave been a struggle- so is it true can anyone actually run ? Or should I just be grateful I have made it this far and accept I'll never get to the 30 min mark comfortably and to that 5k goal.


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  • No one here can hand on heart say that they found any of the weeks 7-9 runs easy. It took me months after graduation to start feeling comfortable with 5k, and that's only because I was doing longer distances. Don't despair, look at the progress you have made. In another 9 weeks you will be noticing the same level of improvement, if you stick at it. 5k doesn't magically get easy if you do it a bunch of times, it only seems to become easier in relation to what you are doing to test your limits. So if you never push youself to the point where you physically can't go on, then your mind will convince you that 5k is your limit. I found it really hard to break through the 5k limit because my mind kept telling my feet that this is where I stop. Once you have retrained your brain that you stop when you have reached your target, then you will realise that what you thought was physical exhaustion is actually emotional.

    So in answer to your question... YES!! anyone can run. And that includes you.

  • Well said

  • I've done 2 5ks & found it tough , but that feeling of completing that 5k is wonderfull, at this time I can't see myself doing over that , but a few wks back I couldn't see myself running at all . Good advice , you have to push yourself that bit further & when I get a few more 5ks under my belt , that's what I will have to do , practice makes perfect , that's what we have to remember

  • Wise words, as always.

  • Hear hear! x

  • I do believe that once you have done the runs in the program it's a matter of keeping going every week. I have struggled with the longer runs ever since week 5 but I go out there three times a week and come back with a sense of achievement cause I could never believe in my wildest dreams I would run three times a week and I still love that after feeling. I also struggle cause of an iron issue but I still go out there. What your doing is a great achievement for you try not to forget that. You can run and are running.

  • Ooh posh administrator badge. Like it! Queen of Quests!

  • But they took away my graduate badge. Noooooooo. I will have to see if I can get it back. Hehe. Good for the quest posts though.

  • I totally agree. Keep running, every other day if poss, and things are bound to improve. You've overcome the hardest part, which is the entire 9 weeks. So, well done to you for that major achievement. Don't under-estimate what you've done!!

    If you were listening to Laura throughout your 9 weeks, didn't your ears prick up when she told you the point at which you actually became a runner? I jumped up in the air if I remember right. LOL

  • I felt exactly the same as you last night on Week 9 Run 1. I was struggling so hard and hating it. I wondered if I would ever actually continue after the programme because it just doesn't seem to be getting any easier and I'm not enjoying it. Half an hour after getting home I was fired up for Run 2! Weird! My breathing is fine, I struggle with the physical aspect which convinces me I'm not a runner but I try and remember how far we've all come in 9 weeks. We never thought we'd do that so what's to say we can't carry on?

  • You have got as far as week 9 so you are a RUNNER make no mistake about it. Some runs are hard even for those who have been running for years and sometimes there is no apparent reason for why you find it hard going. Believe in yourself, get those running togs back on and get out there. Well done on getting to week 9, graduation just around the corner. :)

  • After graduating I went for a long time without really seeing any drastic improvement. My turning point was the 5x50 challenge - although afterwards I went back to exercising three times a week, rather than every day, that was when I started to see improvements. Keep at it - it will get easier but everyone progresses in different ways. I also think there's a point where you start to realize just how hard you can push yourself without keeling over in a heap ! After graduation, mix up the types of run you do - maybe have one run a week that is purely for fun, no target distance or pace, just find somewhere you love to run and enjoy it.

  • That's why I love you guys - you pick me up , dust me off , give me a good talking too and kick my butt back out there! Thanks everyone all advice and well wishes much appreciated. X going for graduation run on Sunday , fingers crossed.

  • I'm with you on that. I have just read the replies you've had & thought wow how do these folk do it. Gentle, wise encouragement but uncross those fingers you are going to do just fine. You may have to struggle but the after glow will be just great.

  • The simple answer is, YES, anyone can run; but not everyone finds it easy to run.

    My take on it is that if you are out there running, and generally getting fitter, then that is a good thing. If you reach your C25K goal, that is wonderful, but it is not an absolute MUST. The fact that you are out running is far more important, and at some point you will get there.

    Look at the Youtube clip 'running for my existence' for inspiration and to see what can be done.

  • A friend of mine who is a marathon runner reckons we are born to run.Im not sure but anything that can improve you're fitness is good.Ill be honest and say I don't really enjoy running in the heat or in the cold,so I treadmill run.many on here hate treadmills but it has served me well! and I can see what speed I am going?I now don't run for long distance and mix it up,20min runs and then 10mins strength, rowing machine and bike.Helps with boredom.In an afternoon I will have a good walk round the park.My doc says treadmills are easier on joints.You are doing a great job and with diet and exercise the improvements will be huge.Good luck x

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