A gentle jog at 165 BPM, and anyone going to parkrun Oxford on Saturday?

I seriously have a problem with running to the beat, it starts off really well but then I lose it and start to run off beat :(

I had some serious iTunes time the other night trying to find some music to run to.... I would go 'naked' but prefer to do that when running with others (behave yourselves!!) getting off track there somewhat, anyway I downloaded some tunes with a beat of 165bpm and had a go at that tonight. It was my best run for a while.... certainly wasn't my fastest, but it's the first time I've actually managed to lose myself in the beat for a while :)

Back to iTunes I think to try some 168bpm or maybe 170bpm, and see how I go with them.

Back to parkrun on Saturday, weather permitting. It's been a few weeks since I've been because of family visits etc, so looking forward to it. Anyone else going to be at Oxford?

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  • I posted to IronMatt that I'm not sure whether I'm going because the flooding round there has been pretty bad and don't know whether the park is really boggy, but maybe.

  • Well it hasn't been cancelled.... yet!! Hope you haven't suffered too much where you are with the flooding. Possibly see you on Saturday. :)

  • Like RollerToaster said, if it isn't cancelled from flooding, I plan to be there tomorrow. If there's going to be a bunch of us there, perhaps we should arrange to meet up afterward and actually introduce ourselves properly. Maybe the car park near the finish box would be a good landmark for that?

    Doesn't have to be this week, since it is very short notice and a fair bit of uncertainty around the flooding. But some week soon it would be nice!

    Maybe see you tomorrow!

  • Just had a look at their facebook page and nothing on there yet about flooding, although may need to check first thing tomorrow. If it's on and you see a short person with red face and a possible hangover (although hoping not to drink too much tonight, but having a catch-up with friends) wearing a blue C25K t-shirt and running near the back (or at the back!!), that'll be me, so don't be afraid to say hello :) Sharyn

  • We are OK thanks! Some streets in Kidlington were closed for a few days and Richard Branson may have suffered in his garden (!), but the majority was fine. Oxford has it pretty bad though in some areas. Anything your way?

  • Not that I've seen. Usually Wendlebury is the worst hit. I work there, which means I can't get in if it's flooded :)but even that survived this time, although one of the roads in did have a bit of water across it, but not massive amounts. Glad you were ok though :)

  • I cant come to Parkrun this w/e (or last w/e) because daughter had an injury to her leg so she couldn't run (and woebetide if I went without her!). Still, hopefully I'll get back there soon.Have fun all you Park runners.

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