Couldn't find my PE kit I have a note from my Mum

It's been a while since my last post. Since my last run. A long while. Er... I couldn't find my PE kit, for four years. I have a note from my Mum somewhere.


Despite being an avid indoorsman I kind of missed it. You know, the going outside, the novelty of showering in the afternoon, the running tights, the loss of vision and near death experiences at week 5. 


So I thought I'd give it another go. But where have all the podcasts gone? Do I have to install iTunes and all the bloat, malware and general Apple evil that comes with it? Urgh. I guess I could sacrifice an old laptop, but so much trouble. Did I download iTunes last time? I was so eager! I tried the spanky new app. It crashed and Jo Whiley reading Laura's script seems wrong. So wrong.


Surely the mp3s will be somewhere hidden on the site. I might just try on the PE kit anyway as I look.

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  • I'm rubbish with links and everything phone/ computer really but the mp3's are definitely on the NHS c25k pages, somewhere!

    Hoping that 4 years out of the pe kit sees you not requiring a larger size ;)

    Hope you enjoy being 'back on it' and good luck :)

  • Funny post! 

    They are all there., those podcasts.. waiting for you...:)

    Plus...there is a whole load of new stuff to please you now, alongside  all the issues that faced you four years ago... four years more traffic... four years older...PE kit four years out of date... the list goes on. 

    But... it is fabulous that you are going to start it all again and get out there.. Welcome back to the family x

  • Brilliant - I bet the dog ate most of your homework too :)

    Welcome back and try this page to find the stuff (not sure how to link so you may have to copy and paste)

  • Have been hearing lots of stuff about the old app with Laura being superseded by a newer version. Personally, I love Laura's podcasts and wouldn't countenance swapping. Hope you manage to find them somewhere. Welcome back btw, you won't regret it 😀

  • Hi

    If you're still searching go to and click on the box for the week you'd like to download, this should bring up a little box  with a description of the run and underneath it should say click here to download the zip file, once downloaded in these files are the mp3s (don't worry about the zip, I think its to stop them getting corrupted or some such) :)

  • Aha! Thanks! I'm downloading them.  I've no excuses now.

  • You could also try AndyD 's post from about 7months ago. He posted links to the c25k, c25k+ and b210k podcasts in a post called something like 'C25k Podcasts And More... ' 

  • Thank you. I'll get them for my collection.

  • Welcome home!

    I have to admit that the idea of Sarah Millican coaching sounds quite interesting. I was recently interviewed for a research study about some quite tough stuff by someone who sounded exactly like her.

  • Ah Mr Cramp.... * Poppypug turns in her swivel leather chair,  cuddling a pug on her knee *

    Come in , weve been expecting you ........ :-)

    4 years we have been waiting ! A note from your Mum just wont cut it this time :-) 

    Welcome back , looking forward to reading of your progress .

    Good Luck you can do this :-) xxx

  • I think someone needs to check the note is genuine! I have experience of this as I found a 'get out of PE ' note in my daughters room, signed by myself( in handwriting suspiciously like my daughters), which I have no memory of writing! Good luck with getting back into it though!

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