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Feet to the beat

I went out at 7:30 am and it is COLD! I usually feel quite warm and peel off a layer after warming up, but today my buff stayed on my head and my jacket stayed on too. Almost unheard of!

That was hard, and I'm sure that my fast running (at least according to my Garmin) was not much faster than my slow. I did the 152bpm bit very slowly, a proper light jog, and sprinted (in a fashion) during the fast bits, burning out at about 45 secs, and slowing toward the minute. I'd like to be able to stretch the x axis on my Garmin graphs to see what was actually going on.

I caught a Twitter link from the Asics store today, and it looks like they do threshold testing. I might do a session.

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Well done in going out in this cold weather ! You inspired me to go out. It's good to know someone else is out there. But 4 degrees OMG! Its the first time I've worn gloves and def did need them. Once I got going (I was doing speed podcast today as well) it was OK. Sunny & cold is good - here's hoping it stays like this for a week or so. Let us know how the threshold testing goes - sounds interesting.


It turns out that it costs £200, so it will have to wait!


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