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Graduation Run Through the Gulf of Mexico

Hello, fellow runners. I've been gone a while, but now I'm back and I have some excellent news to share with you all. I finally completed week 9 of the Couch to 5K program.

In my last blog posting, I shared with you my joy at having completed a 5K run as part of a charity event for the family of a close friend. I had also finished week 7 of the C25K program and was determined to complete the program by running all the way through week 9.

Week 8 and the first run of week 9 were somewhat uneventful. However, for W9R2, I decided to participate in a local 5K event as part of a team of runners from my church. As I still consider myself a newbie runner, I was worried about being on any type of running team. But, I was assured that the term "team" was being used loosely and that our primary goal was to represent the church by wearing matching t-shirts. I was told I didn't have to run with the group and not to worry about my speed. Although I'd completed a 5K in late October, I still wasn't sure that wasn't a fluke and I was determined to see if I could do it again. So, I suited up on a chilly Saturday morning and ran the race. I'm happy to say that I completed it and did so in less time than my previous 5K run.

My graduation run occurred on the second day of a week-long family cruise to the Caribbean Ocean, Mexico, and Central America. The cruise ship had a relatively small running track on the top of the ship. I wasn't crazy about running in circles, but the view was amazing and I enjoyed the run so much that I ran 21 laps at a distance of just over 5K. I figured I needed to work out as much as I could considering how much food I'd likely eat over the course of the cruise. :) I ran another 2 times during the cruise, one of which was on a treadmill in the ship's gym. Running on a treadmill takes some getting used to, but I enjoyed watching TV while I ran.

My journey through the C25K program has been quite rewarding. When I look back at my earlier blog posts and remember how I struggled through many of the runs (Week 4 especially), I find it hard to believe that I can now run for better than 30 minutes and can complete runs of around 5K. I find that I really enjoy organized running events much more than solo runs through the neighborhood. So, I'm looking for another 5K event to "compete in" soon. But, as the weather gets colder and the darkness comes earlier, I'm finding it harder to lace up and head out after work.

I've now reached a goal that I once thought was out of reach for me. I'm not ready to stop, though. I'm going to try to keep running 30 minutes 2-3 times a week with the goal of improving my speed and endurance and my general overall health.

A quick word of thanks to many of you who have offered your advice and encouragement through this forum over the past several months. It is much appreciated.

God bless!

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Congratuations, TexasDad, you are a star! Well done for your graduation (you might be the first C25k runner to graduate at sea!!!!) and also for your 'extra curricular' running with the 5k's. You must feel very proud of yourself! It IS a truly amazing phenomenon, I still can't believe how we start out full of trepidation and self-doubt (which for most of us continues through the C25k journey) - but by the end we are runners and are well and truly hooked!

Good luck with your future runs, please keep in touch here, it's always good to hear from C25k friends - we've shared a lot on this community!


Congratulations on your graduation - and what a marvellous experience you had! Looking forward to seeing your shiny green badge :) and keeping up with your running blogs.


Good to hear from you TexasDad and big congratulations on your graduation, thats fantastic and what a place to do it - on a cruise ship!! Truely memorable! Well done too on running your 2nd 5k charity run, a great achievement!

It really is an amazing journey, you are right, and I too am so addicted to it! To lay out my gear on my bed this morning ready for my run tonight after work when it will be dark, freezing and frosty is like looking at somebody else doing this - the "normal" me would be coming in, putting on the tv and most probably not getting up off the couch other than to eat and have a "wee dram" of something warming on a cold night!!

Enjoy your next event run and yes do keep running each week - it is just so exhilarating and the benefits are amazing! Keep in touch on this forum too with updates of how you are doing. You can encourage others as they have encouraged you.......

Best wishes. Sue x


Congratulations on your graduation - it's certainly a talking point and shows there is always a way. Well done on the 5ks too. Looks like there'll be no stopping you now - you have the bug!


Yeeeeah! You are a G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E. of the Sea! Well done Joe-so pleased you did it. I was wondering where you'd got to. How much money was raised for MPS in the end? You have done so well-and to keep the schedule going on board ship was fantastic-so proud of you!

Good to hear you completed the team run for church too.

Great to read your newsy blog!

Keep on Running ;-).

Colette x


Congrats Texas Dad! And what a way to do it; Central America and the Gulf countries are just amazing! Good luck with future runs! :)


Great to read, well done on keeping at it - now you're reaping the rewards. :-)


Congratulations!!! Gayle (gdeann) and I were just wondering about you yesterday. It was good to hear from you again!!

Not only did you graduate, but you did it on a cruise ship!! Now that is what I call a Graduation run!!!

I am like you, I much prefer organized runs with a lot of others over plodding along in my neighborhood. Granted, I usually end up a lot closer to the back than to the front of the pack, but I still enjoy it!!

Congratulations again on your graduation!! Well done!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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