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Week 6

I first started the plan last year and got a few weeks in but then pulled a muscle during a december run. I then went overseas for christmas, lazed around and didn't manage to get back to it when my muscle was back to normal.

I restarted this autumn and have just completed week 5. I was a bit concerned about W5 R3 as it jumps from two 8 minute runs to one 20 min run with no interruptions. However I approached this with a good attitude and instead of thinking about how long the run was I just visualised my route. I also like to choose some good, up-beat music which I can get into and find a rhythm instead of thinking about the run during it. If I can forget what I'm doing and think about other things I find it goes easier and it's almost meditative.

Hope anyone reading this is feeling as positive about the plan as I am!

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Well done ross10 for getting back in to it and also for making that jump from 8 mins to 20 mins. I found that the hardest step and the jump to 25, 28 and finally 30 did not seem at all difficult.

I must find time before the weekend to compile a running playlist, as I've been using Laura music and find that harder than the distance sometimes!


Thanks! Yes making a playlist is a good idea as I'm usually faffing about trying to find an album I fancy for a while between stretching and starting the warm-up.


Hi ross10 - that is really well done.. appreciate your aproach to think about other things while running..well can you please suggest som good music which I can use for my playlist..? As i completely agree with mo-mentum that Laura music is reallyhard to cope up with :P


I suppose it depends on personal taste but I'll usually listen to some rock music with a good beat. Glad I'm not due a run today though, it looks a bit frosty out there.


I agree W5r3 looks like a mission but I think you are right it's all in the attitude. I am doing it on Saturday and keep telling myself it will be ok. Reading blogs like yours really helps, so thanks :)


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