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Calf injury advice from my physio: thought I would share

After graduating on Saturday, I went out day before yesterday ready to do my first 35 minute run and 10 minutes in my calf started to hurt again. This time I stopped immediately and walked warily back to the car. I was off for a month in week 9 when I ran through the pain on run 2 and really seized the calf.

I saw my physio for my upper back and neck problem yesterday and mentioned my calf waiting to be told off, but he was great. He said that, in fact, jogging is good for your core muscles (my weakest muscles: I wish my stomach muscles could go as tight as my shoulder muscles do!) and told me that I have torn the calf muscle. Thinking I had to give up my jogging for good he told me otherwise:

Due to wearing heels a lot of the time he told me that I have to do 3 x 30 second stretches for both legs, he couldn't stress that enough. Then, to repair and strengthen the damage he has said (once the pain has subsided) that I should do some faster-that-usual jogging for 400 meters then fast walking for 800 and do this for half an hour. STOP if it starts to hurt.

So, don't give up hope with an injury! I'm still limping, but the moment I feel that I can do this I shall start the reparation routine.

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Thanks for that info Phil! Very useful to know. I am crocked at the moment and I felt it was my calves tightening up and then everyone else got threw off kilter. I'll give that a whirl when I can run again

Thanks. I hope you can get back into your stride. This injury lark is so flipping annoying


It really is demoralising, but all is not lost, hope you repair soon.


Yes I've read that run/walk is important for calf injuries (which I had on and off for a while), the theory is to increase the blood flow. Here's an article you might find helpful:

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Excellent article! Thanks notbad, that's a really usedful link


Thanks notbad...this article is exactly what I need!


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