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Beginning to see that this might be possible!

After a full-on 9 hour working day, with no breaks, I stopped off at my usual Tuesday evening running spot (a small town on my way home where there are streetlights). I was having one of those days where you just feel bloated and uncomfortable, so I had been wondering if tonight would happen at all. I decided to just ignore the discomfort and get on with it.

W4R2 was good, despite the bloaty discomfort. It was hard, I got lost, but was good. I've come to realise that there's a limit to how out of breath I get. I reach a certain point and then it doesn't get any worse. For an asthmatic, that's an unexpected turn of events. On the other hand, as usual, my legs just got heavier and heavier.

Due to my slight navigation error, which resulted in me running in and out of several dimly lit cul-de-sacs, I was far from where I needed to be when Laura said that we'd finished. So, I walked for a minute or two and then started running again. I ended up running a total of 24 minutes rather that the scheduled 16. I'm beginning to believe that this running for 30 minutes malarky might actually be something that I can do!!

We won't mention the speed though, suffice to say if I was going any slower, I'd be going backwards!

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After working 9 hours I am really impressed you even attempted a run let alone 24 minutes, well done to you that is brilliant. Don't worry about the speed (I'm hoping that will come eventually), you are out running that is what counts. You will be running 30 mins in no time. Good Luck with your next run :-)


Fantastic Sian! What an achievement! Don't worry about the speed - you can tackle that once you've graduated. You deserve extra Brownie points for all the effort you have to put in before you even get started on your runs! :)


What a great effort! It is amazing how suddenly, while our legs are aching and tired we seem to have found the ability to go on. I struggled with wk 1 and did it a couple of times and am so startled each time I manage to move onto the nextweek!

Well done but do keep safe :-)


Isn't it amazing Sian how each little run finds us being amazed at what we're capable of :-) !! Heavy legs, bloating and 9 hours full on - i can only say that i admire your perseverance :-). I'm sure I'd have given in to the temptation of a hot bath, missing out the run!

I really lime how this plan moves us through apparently small yet huge barriers that hitherto never featured on our radars!

I am so impressed Sian - really. All of you who suffer from asthma, to me, are team heroes so here's to you all, Sara :-) x


Thank you. I must say that thought of just going straight home to the sofa and a cuppa was tempting, but my stubborness played in my favour, for once! :-)


You are my new herione :-) That's a fabulous achievement. I hope you are still basking in that feeling. I probably would have given in to the call of the sofa ;-)


I'm flattered vixiej :-)


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