Not to be recommended!

Have you ever had one of those runs where you just wish it would be over?

It was like that this morning. The forecast said there would be heavy rain all day but when I looked out the window it was still dry with a bit of weak sunshine so I donned several layers of running gear and set out.

It was pretty awful out there.. I run on farm tracks across open fields. Although I run a circular route, I seemed to be running into a massive and bitterly cold headwind all the way. At one point it was so strong that it felt like one of those swimming machines which pushes you back at the same rate that you move forwards. My thighs were stiff after a fairly intensive Pilates session yesterday and my eyes were streaming with the combination of cold wind and bright low sun. The only thing that kept me going was the huge looming black cloud hard on my heels! Just made it back before the heavens opened and it lashed down.

So was I pleased I got out there? - you bet!!

What's more, my time was pretty comparable to usual which I can't explain other than my strong desire just to get back indoors!

Might have to dust off the treadmill at this rate....


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28 Replies

  • It was windy out there, cold too, so it makes it harder work . Still, you did it. So did I! I was out there chugging away. I was slower though, quite a bit in fact but never mind ey

  • Never mind, we did it!

  • Thats excellent, this weather is giving us all a hard time this week, but you did it :)

  • Yep.What doesn't kill us makes us stronger allegedly! :-)

  • I've just walked the dog and it's bitter out there, fences are being tormented by the wind. I'm hoping it will be calmer by run time this evening!

  • Well done on running in that wind, it's frustrating when you feel you are running into a head wind all the way, but just think how strong it's making you!

  • Hmm - I wonder why you never seem to have a tail wind?

  • Excellent timing! But more than that, well done on getting out there and doing it in such bitter weather!

  • Thanks Hilbean. At least I can stay inside today!

  • :) My thoughts too. Maybe the wind will have dropped by tomorrow (she says keeping fingers crossed)

  • Well done Ully, have a nice rest today in the warm! I started running in May, still haven't seen a whole year with all the different weather conditions, and how they affect us.. interesting though! I thought I might give up and do something else when the temp dropped, but I'm surprised to find it doesn't actually affect me much

  • What a great run well done, think this wind might be here for a while yet, keep out in the FRESH air and it a lot better for you. Once again WELL DONE

  • Nothing like a good soaking in gale force winds to focus the mind!!!

    Well done for getting out. I had a look an politely declined :)

    Tomorrow is forecast cold and sunny so I shall venture then. Weather bombs eh?

  • Thanks all. I think this running lark must do strange things to the way our brains are wired. What person in their right mind would wander out in this!

  • Well done all of you for braving this weather , we are made of strong stuff ! The rain and wind woke me up during the night , I normally can sleep through ANYTHING but I could hear it lashing against the window , it was so loud .

    In times of self doubt and indecision, I take comfort in the following words from that great philosopher and teacher , Cheryl Tweedy/Cole/Tweedy/Fernandez-Versini , and I quote:

    Anything that's worth having

    Is sure enough, worth fighting for

    Quitting's out of the question

    When it gets tough

    Gotta fight some more

    Y'see , cant argue with that my friends :-D :-D :-D

    Have a good day y'all xxxx

  • Haha! :D

  • Ho, Ho , Ho ! :-) xxx

  • I really, really struggle to run in the wind, and so my running has suffered this week :o But it's probably just as well as I think I've pulled a calf muscle and need to rest it... :(

    Well done all of you brave souls battling through the "Weatherbomb!" xx

  • A positive out of having lady-flu all week is that I have not had to psych myself up to battle the elements, although battling once round the park with the dog this morning took some doing! Hooray for cosy central heating!

    I've also noticed that there is never a noticeable tailwind ... unless I've been eating too many beans!!! :D

  • Well done Ully. I did the same thing 2 weeks ago. Saw some sunshine and i thought i could sneak a run in. Of course it started raining and spitting snow towards the end. I'm on the treadmill for a while now.

  • Well done Ully not so windy down south at present but they say its on its way. Also running across tracks in fields must make it worse as no buildings to shelter the wind like in towns. I was also thinking do your feet get heavier as you run across the fields don't you shoes gradually get bigger picking up all the mud as you run.

  • I do often get very muddy but I love the open fields and big skies up here. I often see a red kite hovering around too - magic!

    The mud doesn't seem to build up on my shoes but I do get very muddy legs. Funnily enough, my right leg is always much muddier than the left so I think there must be something strange about my gait!

  • Well done, for getting out there and getting back before the rain!

    I got caught by a head wind on part (only part) of my run this morning, the newsagent's sign that I'd just run past was being blown backwards!

  • It feels even colder too today - well done!

  • Good for you to get out there and stick with it. That's the spirit!!

  • Wow sounds exactly like mine this morning but unlike you I was significantly slower!

    Well done on going and hope you keep getting out there x

  • I forced myself out the door this morning thinking if I slacked around for too long it would start raining. It was ok but very very cold wind. However I still find it amazing that after a couple of k I am warmed up enough to take off my fleece and just run in a t shirt and jogging bottoms. Does make my warm-up walk very speedy though, as to keep warm I have to almost run right from the start. Nothing like that hot shower after a cold run though, I'm always so grateful for that!

  • Yep for me it was 6 o'clock this morning, in dark Northampton, called away unexpectedly for work so staying in a hotel, it was icy cold, wind was picking up and just after starting the icy rain came down. Five mins in and it felt like thirty hours, but got through it. Hang on in there.

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