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Ooh Baby I'm beginning to see the light

Squats in the morning, and then a 10k at night.

Yeah baby I'm beginning to see the light.

(with apologies to the Velvet Underground.

So, didn't feel any ill effects from yesterdays run. Knee was fine this morning. Or if there was any stiffness it was unnoticeable under the shrieking muscle pains of my chest and shoulders, so that was a good thing.

Beginning of a new week so my weights for my weighted squats went up to 40kg. Banged out the full hundred before work which was good to get out of the way. Had slight;y stiff quads this afternoon as a consequence but nothing terrible, so when I dropped No 1 son off at Beavers I trotted off for another little easy run. Had it in mind just to do a gentle 5k just to clock time on my feet, but as we know the best planned lays of mice and men etc...

The first 3k were every bit as dreadful as the last few times and I had to consciously distract myself from thoughts of gloom and giving up and never getting my mojo back. Breathing was rubbish, heart rate was 10bpm too high however much I kept my pace down and all was woe. But then as 5k beeped by I fond I was feeling better and added a bit more on to the route. Got back to the Scout hut in 7.5k and was running really happily once more. Breathing under control, could have chatted, but for the fact I was on my own and Glastonbury is full of enough oddballs talking to imaginary companions. So I did a couple of laps round the playing fields, enjoying running on grass, then actually sped up and did a final couple of klicks out towards Street and back.

10.2km in 1' 6". Knee felt fine. I felt fine. Still had plenty left in the tank. In fact felt better then when I started out. Not entirely sure I could have gone twice the distance, but for the first time in a while that 21k distance didn't seem an unattainable dream.

I do need to work out winter running wardrobe as it was pretty chilly once it got dark and my torso felt quite cold despite sweating etc.

Am much cheered up at having emerged from the Slough of Despond. Knee is elevated and iced. Just need to nail the day's 100 pressups and then a hot bath shall be my reward.

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Velvet Underground say it's fine. Glad to hear your tickitybouedness is back and cheered up. Sounds like a brilliant and gremlin dispelling run :)


fantastic...well done you and enjoy that well deserved bath...


You're back on track. Well done! Good to hear how it seems to all come together.


Sounds like a great run & well done for getting through the tough first few k. Glad you are feeling positive & optimistic again, hold on to that feeling!!! X


Good to hear you're 'feeling the love' again. Take care.


Ahhh, Street ... the place where I used to have to buy my school shoes ... in the early Eighties as an eleven year old girl having size seven feet wasn't normal!!

Glad to hear you had a good run. I made the mistake of wearing two top layers yesterday thinking that it was colder than it was and came back absolutely boiling. I have found that wearing gloves with my normal short sleeves works well in keeping the cold out.


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