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Advice on running trainers please

Hi everyone.

Im looking for some advice about the best trainers to wear when you are seriously flat footed!!

i have previously been told by a chiro that i am not designed to run but being just a little stubborn i will not allow that to stop me.

All input greatly received.

Also recommendations for the best place to purchase trainers in the manchester area?

thanks x

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Hey there, Rosie!! My answer to your question is really not the answer you may be looking for. :-) Instead of suggesting a specific brand or model of trainer, I would suggest a gait analysis at a well respected running shop. They will analyze exactly how your body moves and suggest the proper trainer specifically for you. I know that when Gayle and I had ours done, they watched us walk barefooted and then watched us run in our previous trainers. After that, they suggested piles of trainers just for us and allowed us to try them on as pairs and even allowed us to wear two different shoes at the same time for comparison. We walked in them and ran in them, jumped in them and ran some more. They were with us every step of the way to insure that we were getting the best shoe for each of us. There may be 10 different trainers perfect for flat feet, but only one pair perfect for YOUR flat feet!!

We are in America, so my suggestion for a great running shop would be quite a commute for you!! :-)

Good luck in your search!! It is pretty amazing how good the right trainers feel!!

Keep Runniing!! :-)



Totally agree with Steve...gait analysis is the way to go. Hopefully someone Manchester (or that area) can recommend a specific shop for you. I have found my local sweatshop very helpful so maybe try them of you have a local one


hi, definitely agree with the last 2 comments. there is a good website called about.running.com which is really helpful if you know what your foot type is (flat, normal or high arches), it recommends trainers based on that. also sports direct have a foot analyser which goes on to recommend the right shoes for you

hope that helps!


Agree with the others about getting gait analysis. I went to sweatshop as well - really recommend them as they specialise in all things running. Their staff are great and really helpful with any queries you may have abt running. Guess any running specialist shop would be the same tho` as the staff are probably all runners.


Thanks hevskii I will check out the website later. -


I was very pleased with Sweatshop too (slight emotional attachment as we knew Chris Brasher when I was young and he once gave me a lift to an orienteering event start so I wouldn't miss my start time) I went recently to buy trail shoes as a) there was a hole in the top of my current shoes and b) I needed something grippier for my preferred terrain. A middle aged overweight woman treated with great patience and respect. TBH I am not sure I found the gait analysis tremendously relevant for my needs and I am actually wearing the inserts they moulded for me in my everyday footwear not my running shoes (you may well find inserts very helpful). I loathed and detested the shoes I brought home first time (obviously not in the shop) - I felt as though I had a serious peripheral neuropathy and knock knees. But the thing with Sweatshop is that you can take them back within 30 days - muddy in my case - and after a lot more trying on and thinking by the assistant I have been out this morning in the exchange shoes and I love them, they are exactly what I needed.


I think there returns policy is fab which was one of the reasons I tried them :) win win really when you can take back a pair of muddy trainers when they aren't right for you


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