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Week5r3 failed now injured

Attempted 3rd run yesterday was going great till 17min Mark and I injured my leg. Had to stop.could hardly walk after pain was severe. Ice packs to the back of the lower calf area for the evening seem to of some the trick.still sore but I can move without pain

Shame as I know I would of made it.

I need to make sure I recover fully and not agitate it

I plan on a very brisk walk tomorrow and see how that goes

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Sorry to read about your injury, leejay. It is frustrating when this happens. Enjoy your walk but perhaps not too brisk until you are really better. Sure you will make it when you are better. Jan


Just as I was starting this in September the same this happened to me. I rested it for a week, happened again. Rested it for 2 weeks, same again. Eventually I gave up. I'm afraid I had to rest it for nearly 2 months before I could restart the programme. It is's a badly pulled muscle I'm afraid it can take 4 to 6 weeks to heal.

My calf is fine now, but I have shin splints! Maybe I'm just to heavy for my legs :-(


Sorry to hear of the injury leejay (and earl-grey-sian too). I've been lucky so far but if I were you I'd have a good look on here for advice and definately take it very easy for a few weeks, the least you want is to make it worse and for it to put you off the program. Fingers crossed for you.


thanks for the kind comments,

I'm actually enjoying the challenge and when i don't go out i get really annoyed

think next week i will take it very easy and start week 5 all over again in one weeks time hopefully


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