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The obligatory bad run

As Laura says everyone has a bad run and tonight was most definàtely mine. I thought I'd go out run a route I knew to my own music and track it with my new App. 3.18k in about 22 minutes no run saved on Mapmyrun as I pressed the wrong button so i can't tell exactly how bad. A wheezy chest and completely pooped. Just scoffing pizza and garlic bread with my husband along with a glass of wine.

Oh we'll here's to a better run on Sunday

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Hi Allie, we all have bad runs so don't obsess about and keep going. Go easy on the pizza i would suggest however :-) Ed


Yup - onwards with the next run. That's the great thing - there will always be a next run which will potentially be a great run! I think it takes a long time to get to that point, but it's kind of fun getting there!


Big poop Alli - I can understand the pizza and wine. Sometimes it just gets that way. You just wait and see - you'll get all your technology sorted and you'll be flying.

Cheers and keep smiling

Sara :-) xox


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