Couch to 5K

First run in 8 weeks.....ouch

Finally got my runners on after missing 8 weeks due to work/life commitments. I did a'free' run where I just ran until I got tired and it ended up being 2.5k so very happy with that. The downside was when I got home there was chaos in the house, kids everywhere and a cross dad so my stretcheshad to go out the window. Bad idea, I really suffered e next two days and didn't run due to serious calf and hamstring pain. Hope to get out this morning and will definitely do my stretches!

Does anyone know how to stay logged in to this site, even though I have ticked the stay logged in box but it keeps asking me to log in again and I am rubbish on passwords.

Happy frosty running.

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You should get your runs in! Everything will still be there when you get home. Why should you not stretch cos your dad is cross? He can be cross while you do your stretches.

You know what I'm saying Nell. C'mon!

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I hear you loud and clear missW!! Dad is actually hubby and he stresses when left with the kids......hmmm maybe he needs more practice! Thanks


Add the page when it's open to your home screen. I had then same issue ! Once it's added it's always logged in :-)


Yeah great that worked many thanks.


Oops didn't work when I tried to access from home screen? Any other tips?


Hey Nelly, Good to hear from you and I bet it was soooo good to get your runners on and get out again.

We all need a bit of " Me Time " and this is yours , Hold on to it, Nelly it is very precious and don't let anyone/anything make you lose it

Take care , hope your niggles have sorted themselves out ! :-) xxx


2nd run this morning and lots of stretching so hopefully can walk tomorrow. I agree it is SO important to keep it up for so many reasons apart from keeping fit.....thanks for reminding me poppy! Xx


Good lass Nellie, hope you are okay in the morning ! :-) xxx


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