week 7 completed!! so very proud!!

i have always wanted to learn how to run properly, and now i can thanks to c25k. am amazed at my progress, and to think i can now run for 25 mins continuously astounds me! I have so far being using a local running track, which is great as its flat, and private. but it is becoming a little monotonous as its about 10 laps for the 35 mins of podcast. is now a good time to change route or should i wait until i am comfortably running for the full 30 mins? there's a 6k route around roads from my house but its quiet hilly, is it too soon to take this on? dont want to risk injury when everything has gone so well so far,,

to hill or not to hill..


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  • just wanted to say well done X

  • I think I would change. Since starting C25K I have done a variety of routes (plus sessions on the treadmill) since starting, all with hills and dips because of where I live (apart from the treadmill, obviously!) and it's not been a problem - just different! (and you do have to give those hills a bit of a talking-to sometimes....:-)). I'm no expert but my impression is that this is the way we develop and grow. And boredom is probably one of the worst things to contend with.... And on the plus side, if you can run 25 mins you have already conquered loads of demons and are well able to take on a new challenge :-)

  • Hi. I was initially doing laps of a local park (which is quite hilly) trying to stay on one level as hills kill me, I wanted a change of scene so I've now progressed to other parks/ routes in the city (Bristol) which are bigger and give me more to play with.

    My goal for ages has been wanting to run around the harbour but it's about 4.5km, and there are no short cuts as it's water so I had to wait til I thought I could manage this. Now I am on week 7 I seem to be doing about 3.5km during the podcast, so on Friday I gave the harbour a go. I did the podcast and then once it was over just kept walking (a little slower than my brisk walk) til I was back to my car. It meant I had to walk about 1k on the end - but it was so nice doing the proper route.

    So I would say go for it when you're not pressured for time, and just walk once the podcast has finished, even if it takes you 45/50mins, you're just lengthening the warm down walk.

    Good luck!

  • Definitely change routes if you can! I went outdoors for the first time in week 8 run 2 and have run pavement on the flat, uneven canal path and very uneven woodland path (with plenty of mud!) since and variety is definitely the spice of life!

  • thank you all so much for your advice and encouragement, i think i will give it a go, after all, what have i got to lose eh.. need to start believing in myself and challenging myself also.. i've come this far, and 2 months ago if you had told me id be able to run continuously for 25mins i would have laughed.. plan to take on this challenge on friday as i dont have any time contraints that day. meanwhile i will do my regular route for 1st run of wk 8 on my usual route. will let you know on friday if i manage to take on and beat those hills!! thanks again.. :)

  • I'd change, if it all goes well (as it will), you'll get an extra kick out of completing the 25 mins in a different environment. I was so happy at the end of my 25 minutes I had to high-five a roadsign!

  • Well done! I would suggest a change and you will do it. I try to change my route outdoors every time to give different challenges. You will have the stamina by now for sure.

  • thanks again everyone.. the support on this community is fantastic..wow.. will def let you all know how i get in and may even high 5 a signpost he he badhairday!! thanks c25k buddies x :)

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