twiddling my life away (and running)

I've just spent 2 1/2 hours fiddling with my iPod and matching existing songs to BPM after reading eshaz14's post about being bored with music and lack of direction. I now have over an hour's worth of a very strange mixture ranging from The Beach Boys, through Bruno Mars to Bon Jovi and The Beatles, I just hope I guessed the pace/BPM about right, we'll find out on the next run, eh? ;-)

I managed to sneak a good run in on Monday this week, new location for me, I ran in the woods. Forgot to wear my off road shoes, thought it would be nice to try the new (cheap from Aldi) shoes. It wasn't too muddy so I didn't slip around too much. It was a novelty having to dodge tree roots and I have always been a bit wussy and stayed on the flat in the past, so having some little inclines was good for me. I thought I'd ache a bit, but I was fine. I really enjoyed it, shame the leaves are already on the floor, as I wasn't sure I was always on an actual path (it's been a while since I was there, as my dog died a couple of years ago - a previous favourite place though). It's lovely to run somewhere that you only see one or two people, but you know that someone's dog will find you if you keel over ;-)

I was actually VERY good on Monday, because I went to YinYoga aswell, it is such a good complement for the running, it really stretches the connective tissue, and you don't need to have good balance or be able to tie yourself in knots as it's all matwork :-) Despite the 'me time', I managed to get through quite a few things on my to do list. Dashed back to the coast for some admin and flat clearing on Tuesday afternoon and this morning. I took my running gear 'just in case' but the rain was pounding down this morning and I had a lot to get through, so I didn't manage a run along the seafront this time - will make sure I have all weather running options next time.

If I wake early enough tomorrow I shall go for a run near home and then relax at the hairdressers at 10am :-) If I don't rise early enough, well, tough, I'll just squeeze it in somewhere else on Thurs or Friday :-)


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  • If you go into iTunes' view menu you can tick a box to get a bpm column. I keep meaning to do it but I'm enjoying running to my own thoughts. I ran for ten minutes on a treadmill yesterday. I haven't been on one for 15 years, and it took me 5 minutes until I yanked my headphones out. I found watching the numbers quite meditative. I was trying to convert kpm to kph and spent some time wondering if the distance were imperial despite the speed being metric.

  • I will check that out, thank you!

  • Hi - how did you do the bpm? I found the column in iTunes but it was empty for all except one album which was (unhelpfully) all 120-130 bpm. My limited research suggested I had to download another program to work out the bpm - any ideas? Not urgent as I'm currently doing 5k+ - wimped out of Stamina yesterday and did speed + a soaking (almost speed swimming!). I think Stamina's going to be hard and could take a couple of weeks to crack.

    Oh well - got to work now - keep on running :-)

  • I heard that stamina was tough, so I tried speed after I graduated (the podcast, not the drug - it just didn't read right without this comment), it was also short, good for days when you are pressed for time.

    I like the image of you speed swimming!


    I used this piece of software to calculate the bpm of all my music library on itunes but it does take a while. When you then check the bpm column you will find them all there!

    Thing is, I havent created a playlist yet using it but its there if I ever want to......


  • this will keep me out of mischief this evening, I suspect, thanks Sue :-)

  • You can download free metronome apps for iPod/iphone etc and presumably for android devices - most say there is a 'tap' option where you just tap along to the beat of a song and it will tell you what the bpm is. A bit time consuming but a good excuse to listen to your favourite songs! Well done vixiej - you are so full of energy I think I need a sit down after reading about all your exploits! Keep it up :-)

  • oooohhh, i will check out the free downloads.

    I'm not as manically energetic as I sound, at least not in the last month ;-) Yin yoga is the opposite of Hatha/Ashtanga (yang) yogas, it's incredibly restorative and requires just relaxing and breathing. There are no sun salutations, downward dog (well occasionally, but only to move into a pose) or plank, triangle, warrior, etc. It is mostly laying across a comfy bolster for 3-5 minutes and just breathing deeply until your body lets go and your connective tissue and muscles all relax. Its the perfect antidote to the occasional ills and strains of running and, as I mentioned above, it is restorative. You can sometimes 'feel' it the next day, but it's not 'exercise' in the way yang types of yoga are. Its more meditative. I highly recommend it if you have a teacher near you - actually, I practise both types of yoga and they are both very good for restoring your body after running, squash, zumba and other high impact exercises.

  • Sounds like a good run vixiej and a busy day! Well done! I havent run this week yet due to the horrendous weather; the rain I can take but not the strong wind - but hoping to go out tomorrow evening.


  • I am hoping to go again tomorrow, I'm itching to use my new playlist and just run for as long as I feel like (although I've already booked some calls and things for tomorrow morning, so I really will have to get up reasonably early!

    I'll keep everything crossed for still and calm weather for you for your run tomorrow! I totally agree, rain is ok, but the wind is awful.


  • Beach Boys?

    Bruno Mars?


    Bon Jovi?

    You do like the artists that start with "B", dontcha? Do you have any Billy Joel or Billy Idol on that playlist? ;-D

  • yep, both ;-)

    I hadn't noticed that, how funny. I guess it was because I put in BPM first and browsed as they came up in alphabetical order. I already had bon jovi and bruno though

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