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Week 9 is here - and run 1 was GREAT :-)

I really can't believe what a difference a day makes (well two days but whats 24 hours amoungst fellow C25K bloggers?).

Monday was w8r3 and was the WORST ever run for me in the wind. Nothing seemed right, the wind was against me, ladies with dogs forced me in to the road, i got stitch and felt like i was going to have to stop before half way.

But all of your voices in my head kept me going and today I've just finished run 1 of week 9! The music was better, the dog owners moved over, other runners smiled at me as if i was running too (rather than in sympathy because I was shuffling along), I didn't get stitch, the sky was beautiful and I felt OK when Laura said it was time to stop.

To top it all my speed was a good 17 seconds per km faster!

Not sure i know how that works, but all i can say is that I'm so greatful for all of the support here and Laura's promise that I could run for 30 minutes.

Happy running all :-)

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Brilliant! Well done

I'll be doing w9r3 tomorrow. I hope my run goes as well as yours!


Good luck for tomorrow, hopefully you will be back tomorrow evening to tell us you're joining the green badge club :-)


Hi Jemimtoo

Good luck for tomorrow - just think you will have done it!



Fantastic well done, good luck with the rest of w9 you will soon be graduating!!!


Thanks rolphie2

You still haven't told me if there is another one yet.


I went rolphie2 as husband older than me so he would be 1 and therefore I am 2. A reminder despite the aches and pains that I am younger!!


Well done you, you'll soon be getting your green badge :-)

It is so strange how you can struggle so much with a run and yet run further and better the next time out - I still haven't got my head round that one.

Good luck for your next two runs - I'm sure you will be great


Thanks mcc65

You are right - I guess that's the thing. Enjoy the good runs and baskk in their glory and when you have a bad one tell yourself that the next one could be amazing.

Thanks pal - Mo:-)


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